Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sunday School Fun

A big part of our year has been pre-teaching Reed and Molly's Sunday lessons using the Tru Homefront resources from our Sanctuary Kids curriculum.

I really wanted to make a "big deal" out of our Sunday mornings and find ways to have fun introducing the part of the big God story that they'd be studying each week. Each Sunday we get a Homefront resource from church that walks through and gives ideas for introducing the remember verse, sharing the Bible passage, and having some follow up conversation.

On the first Sunday of Reed and Molly's new classes (Molly's first "real" class and Reed's first year upstairs with large group time!), we celebrated with a new back pack set out for Molly and a new snack pack to match Reed's back pack as a surprise.

Off to 2014-2015 SK classes

Their very first lesson was "God is the Living God," centered around Daniel in the lion's den. We hunted for lions in the morning and had lion waffles for breakfast (I was trying to be creative with what we had on hand!)

The next week was about the story of Jonah... To get pumped up we had another "creative" story-themed breakfast (ha!), played a fishing game in the bath (and after!), and snacked on cheddar whale crackers on the way to church. :)

We also had fun waking up to "manna" in the living room one Sunday morning and collecting it in baskets before breakfast and Homefront.

Reed and Molly started out with the same Bible stories each week, but are now doing different lessons most of the time. Sometimes I completely forget or our intro is just a conversation on the way to church in the car, but silly breakfasts or none I love that Reed and Molly are both enjoying their classes and learning about the God of the "Big God Story." My favorite thing is that they are hiding God's word in their hearts. We keep the remember verses written on our easel and say them together when we think of them. Reed and Molly both know most of their verses! These aren't the best videos, but Matt and I kept saying we needed to record them and we just went for it-- cookie eating and all. ;)

Molly's Remember Verses (February 2015):

Reed's Remember Verses (February 2015):

Being a parent, privileged to shepherd little hearts, is so soulful and overwhelming. I often question where I'm too lax and where I need to show more grace, but I'm trusting that in this planting of seeds, in being faithful to tell them the story, in living out my own journey of following, and in praying to have ears to hear and for God's spirit to move in the lives of my kids... I'm trusting that He is at work. Writing beautiful stories of grace.

Lord Jesus, Thank you for the gift of Reed and Molly. We pray that you would lead us as we lead them. We pray that your hand would be upon them, that your Spirit would be at work in their hearts even now and that you would hold them close. May they each grow to know and love you fully, with their whole hearts and by your grace may they follow you all the days of their lives. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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