Monday, May 4, 2015

It's a Girl!

We'd like to introduce little Miss Brice Kathryn Morgan!

She arrived quite punctually on her due date-- May 4, 2015, at 9:26am... 19.75 inches and 6lb, 11 oz of pure sweetness. We're so in love.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

HBD Matt!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Dear Matt
...Number thirty-two!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Baby Belly Pictures: Part 2

Looove the belly pictures of Baby 3! :)

Big brother and sister...

Reed, age 5

Molly, age 3

I wish Matt was there to make them maternity/paternity pics! We tried for a few whole family pics on Wednesday and Sunday, but I'm not sure the sunshine cooperated! :)

Baby Belly Love!

We can't wait to love on you, Baby Morgan 3.0!

*Pictures by Lisa Weaver of Sunday Afternoon Photography

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Baby Belly Pictures: Part 1

Once again, we stunk it up on the documenting of the growing baby belly! As in, here's what we've got:

18 week bump caught at Christmas tree farm:

22 week aerial belly view:

I'm pretty sure this maternity pic doesn't actually count ;)

30 week trying to be cool selfie:

32 week ooh-that-got-bigger mirror shot:

Then there's the 36 week Easter picture, wherein Molly is doing her best teenager impression:

When a fun mom from our soccer team last year reached out on Facebook and offered to do a maternity shoot, I said Oh yes please!  But we got rained out and we never rescheduled. :(

Then one day (yesterday) I was 38 1/2 weeks preggers and decided I would be so sad if I didn't have baby belly pics with #3, so I texted my friend Lisa who was awesome and let the kids and I come over at the last minute! Can't wait to get the pictures...!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Molly's 3rd Birthday

This year Reed and Molly both got a lot of birthday celebrating! :) They had their joint birthday party with friends the first week of April, then went on a very special Disney World trip with Papa and Grammy last week, and each of course were well-celebrated on their actual birthday.

Reed gave Molly her birthday gift early, so that she could take it on the Disney trip... Almost a year ago Reed started telling Molly that he was going to get her a LeapPad for her birthday, and whenever her birthday was mentioned she would exclaim, "my own LeapPad!" So it was really fun to find a great deal and let Reed contribute and actually give Molly the promised, much anticipated gift.

Molly's birthday was on a Sunday, so we started Saturday night setting up some decor for our butterfly-loving princess.

When the last streamer was hung, I sat on the couch and looked at pictures and cried about Molly turning three... and then snuck up to her room to take a picture of her.

Sunday morning Molly wandered downstairs and gasped, "There's a birthday down here (pause) ...Is it mine?!" :) She helped me finish making muffins until Reed woke up.

Reed and Molly colored butterflies, and enjoyed a Happy Birthday breakfast.

After a royal birthday bubble bath playing with foam crowns, Molly picked out a real crown to wear to church and a special birthday ribbon. However, she decided to be 3 going on 13 and ripped them off and wouldn't let me take her picture. :) This is all I got:

After church, Daddy had a missions meeting with the students, so we stopped by and had a piece of pizza. Everyone sang Happy Birthday, but Molly got bashful and said to make them stop!

Molly opened her present after nap time...

Dolls... which led her to her new dollhouse!

I think this would qualify as the reaction you would want when you pick out a special gift for your child!!

Reed was so sweet with Molly all afternoon! He would hug and hug Molly, and then said incredulously "I love her so much, Mom. I keep hugging her and I don't even know why!" (This was a very welcome mood shift from the morning when he blew out her candle during breakfast and proceeded to dis her birthday celebration). ;)

Reed and Molly played for a little while, and then we stopped by Smallcakes to pick out cupcakes and head to Moe's, Molly's dinner choice.

We ended the night at Target, letting Reed and Molly spend some of their March Madness prize money.

Happy 3rd, Molly B!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Molly is 3

Molly, I can't believe that you are three years old! It has been such a joy to watch you grow and learn and become each new day, but tonight my heart is gripped by how quickly the time has flown.

At three, you weigh 26.2 pounds and you are 35 inches tall. You just got home from a Disney trip with Grammy and Papa, and when we saw you Daddy and I thought you seemed SO big and tall. I measured you on our growth chart and realized that you had grown almost 1 1/2 inches since January 8th!

You've been pretty much potty trained for quite a while, but mommy has loved the pull-ups lifestyle. :) Now that you're officially three, we've been in panties since your return from Disney and thankfully it's been a breeze!

Some of your favorite things include bunny, playing pretend and baby dolls and kitchen, jewelry, gymnastics, riding scooters, reading books, stamps and pens, playing with Reed, and Sofia the First.

You prefer to be independent and love to pick out your clothes and dress yourself.

You like to ask for snacks and chocolate, and always ask to have your hair (and mine!) "down." :)

I love to hear you sing in the car, especially The Way and Calling on Fire.

I've started to find you talking to yourself or absorbed in complex make believe play-- you smile bashfully and stop if you notice me watching you!

You have very animated expressions and talk with your hands in the cutest way. :)

You love to ask questions and have lots to say, often starting with "you knooow..." or ending with "...or sumfin." It is also very cute when you say "actually" and "bemine me" (remind me).

You have the sweetest manners, starting requests with "may I please..." and "Is it okay I..."

When you are feeling grumpy, you do NOT use those sweet manners! You like to sigh with a big "Ughhhhh" and you know just what you want or do not want.

You often use "her" in place of "she." :)

Probably my favorite thing you say is "I love you with all my heart." Melt.

You have a sweet, tender heart and can be quiet and snuggly or very active and silly and entertaining.

You have started asking to have your back scratched and say, with your thumb in your mouth, "don't stop."

You give great hugs, and love to giggle.

You and Reed are the greatest buddies. You've been sleeping together each night in your big bed since February... unless you giggle too much and get separated. Your anticipated goodnight routine is to exchange a hug, a kiss, and a tummy blow, and then to each give the same to our baby in my belly :)

You are soon to become a big sister, and I can't wait to watch you embrace that role. You often ask "when our baby comes out can I..." and have all kinds of ideas about things to feed to and ways to entertain our baby. :)

My heart is stretched right now anticipating your transition from the baby of our family to big sister. I hope you know today and always how precious you are to our family, and that you are God's special creation. He made you so wonderfully and fearfully and we treasure your uniqueness. We love your big smile, your giggles, your sweet hugs and kisses, and the various ways you express your emotions. We love you more than we could ever explain. You are our princess. Happy 3rd birthday, Molly!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gymnastics Birthday Bash

Knowing that Baby Morgan 3.0 is due this spring just two weeks after Molly's birthday, I had wanted to do my best to make sure that Reed and Molly were both well celebrated as they turned five and three, and before the joyful newborn chaos ensued. (Turns out, I didn't need to worry about baby coming early, but who knew...) So we planned what is likely R & M's last joint birthday bash as a gymnastics party at the gym where they are both enrolled in classes.

Reed and I found colorful wristbands and sweatbands on Amazon, and ordered those for party favors. We went by the array of band colors when picking out decor and tableware, and also when designing the invite. (Reed was worried about the weird hair sprouts on his clip art representation, but I assured him it was okay). :)

Coach Devin hosted the kids' party, and she did an amazing job!

(Molly was too busy running around while we set up snacks to be bothered for a posed picture with Ms. Devin). :)

The party started with some free play time while friends arrived...

The party-ers did some vaulting...

Then some balance work...

They also did some serious spinning on the rings.

Molly went back for more dizzy fun with Aunt Katie!

The Dads had to test out their super skills too :)

One of the favorite parts of party time was the parachute! Reed and Molly got to run through birthday waves and be lifted up in the air by their pals.

Then everyone got to take turns running over and under and performing tricks!

Last, the little gymnasts did some rope swinging and more open play.

Pizza time was at the end!

And then, of course, cupcakes! Grammy ordered Sam's Club cupcakes for us-- awesome price and we thought they were delicious. I was sure I could find some kind of star shaped candy or lollipops as easy toppers but ended up printing out some extra graphics from the invite design. Also cute! Happy Birthday to Reed and Molly!

Reed wanted to hand out medals as the guests left, and they took home their sweatbands and balloons. :)

We saved gifts for home to preserve as much gym play time as possible, so we stayed up a little late opening presents!

Oh, and as big fans of streamers they both LOVED Daddy's "party car." :) Woot!

Always a joy to celebrate our little people with their sweet friends! :)