Saturday, October 11, 2014

Soup Saturday

I put "Soup Saturday" on the fall fun list this year, hoping to motivate myself to find and prepare a soup recipe each fall weekend to enjoy. I missed one already (oops!), but so far we've had...

Taco Soup for the UGA v. Tenn game to share with our friends the Jennettes. I've made this soup since college and used a variety of recipes.  It is easy and flexible so you could google and use whatever version you find as a starting point.  This go round I stuck closest to this version, using ground turkey instead of beef and adding avocados to the garnish list.

And tonight we had this cheesy vegetable chowder... It kind of became a joke because it was 80 degrees in our house on "fall soup night" ...then it took me TWO HOURS to make the soup. It was good, but not two hours good. ;) (Disclaimer: Both the extended cooking time and the mediocre outcome were likely due to my questionable culinary talent and not the recipe, so feel free to give it a go). And I actually did enjoy the soup-- looking forward to having some for lunch tomorrow. :)

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