Friday, October 17, 2014

Go Orioles! (Reed's 1st Baseball Season)

Reed played his first season of baseball this fall! We signed up to play through Oregon Park with our buddy Keaton and Keaton's Dad, Coach Brian.

Reed was so excited about all of his baseball gear! We got to pick out baseball pants, baseball socks, cleats, a helmet, a glove, and a bat.

Baseball antics quickly ensued in the back yard.

It was so fun to watch Reed eagerly gather up his gear to head outside with daddy to practice. One day they were going to play for a few minutes and as Reed scrambled toward the backyard I heard him exclaim, "I cant wait to hear it [his metal bat] ding!" So cute!

Reed was a quick study! He has a good throwing arm, learned to trap grounders quickly, and is good at connecting bat to ball. Before we knew it, it was the first day of practice for the Orioles.

Reed and his team worked on "chomping" grounders, pointing and throwing, hitting off the tee, and some running. :)

Molly and Wynnie enjoyed hanging out in the bleachers... well, most of the time. They were troopers for the season of practices and games!

Reed was pumped to get his Orioles uniform. He was player #1, and has his name and number on the back of his hat too!

After spending some time at the baseball park Reed asked for a bat bag, and we couldn't help ourselves! So stinkin' cute!

Coach Daddy was a big help to the Orioles too!

Our first game was on September 7th. It was SO hot, but Reed loved the whole shebang! Here he is in the dugout:

You can see Audrey Grace in the dugout too... Reed had a fan section comprised of the Bowlers, Ms. Debbie, the Bebers, and of course Daddy, Mommy and Molly. And I'm not kidding when I say it was a hot, hot day, so these friends showed some real love to come cheer on the Reedster. :)

Reed was awesome! He hit off the pitch both at-bats, had some good throws to first base as pitcher, and ran like a champ to "score" two runs!

This is from a different game, but here is a video of Reed batting:

We played five regular season games. It was especially fun as the weather cooled into fall. Reed liked playing under the lights, and staying out late.

He also loved the game snacks, and getting to pass them out when it was our turn. :)

Mimi and Jonathan and Aunt Katie came to cheer at a game, and we made a night of it at Dairy Queen!

Papa & Grammy came to cheer at Reed's last season game.

Ms. Cyndi and Grayson came to root for the Orioles too, and it was a great fall-ish end to our season play!

Not many of the balls bounced our way during the tournament play, but the boys did a great job. I'm not sure Daddy will let Mommy live down pulling out the rule book during one of the games... :) Reed had some tears at our second loss because it meant the end of the season, but he enjoyed the pizza party and team celebration with his pals.

All in all, our first season was a great experience. We loved that Reed enjoyed being active, learning the game of baseball, and meeting some new friends.

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