Sunday, October 19, 2014

2 1/2

Happy 2 1/2 to Molly Bette!

Your sunday morning half birthday called for a cake pop stop on the way to church. :)

Here is a glimpse of Molly at 2 1/2... You love to "read" books to yourself. One of my favorite things to do is watch you quietly from the hallway as you narrate a pile of books in your sweet little way. Your current favorite is Fancy Nancy Tea for Two. You like to play "the baby game" with Reed where you say "goo ga ga" and he picks you up and carries you a few feet... at least that's all I can figure out about it. The two of you do lots of pretend play together. For some reason you think that putting your hands on your hips is a safe alternative to hand holding in the parking lot. It's so cute and we've spent so much time talking about it that I'm afraid we've encouraged it and your "hip walking" is now a signature move. You carry around my old pink ipod, and call it your "leappod."

And speaking of a "leappod," if ever your birthday is mentioned you quickly exclaim "my own leappad!" (Apparently Reed has promised to purchase you a leappad when you turn three). You pronounce many plural words with an extra syllable, like "wash clothses" and "ghostes." You are so, so cute and spirited. You make me smile even when you get angry. Last week Reed stole a piece of your snack out of your car seat cupholder. You crossed you arms, squinted your eyes, puckered your lips and yelled, "that was vewy wude, Weedy!! Oh my.

At your 30 month well check you were 35 inches and 24.2 pounds.

You are growing up so fast. I find myself constantly trying to keep up with you, and ever celebrating who you are becoming. It is the joy of my heart to laugh with you, steady you, comfort you, teach you, and point you to Jesus.

We love you, little love!

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