Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mommy School: Review Week

We took this week as a "review week," and an opportunity to add a few new things in to our fall.

1. Reed and Matt finished Mr. Popper's Penguins (which naturally called for a movie night), and I started reading our third read-aloud selection, Winnie the Pooh, to Reed on Monday. Reading chapter books has been such precious one-on-one time with Reed!

2. My sweet friend Sue gave me an A-Z animal reader, and we've started reading about an animal each day at lunch. Reed and Molly are loving this! They especially like to relay funny bits of information about the daily animal to Matt when he comes home. :)

3. We also started reading The Story of Me from our fall goals. The structure of the book kind of requires you to ad lib as you read, substituting he/she and your child's name. I originally said I would like to revisit the resource once a quarter, but after reading it seems more of a book to just pull out periodically. To me, the point is to celebrate the way God designed our bodies as male and female, and normalize proper names for anatomy as well as an age-appropriate understanding of "where I came from."

4. Papa and Grammy brought Reed and Molly tadpoles from their pond, and we have been feeding them and watching them grow!

Other highlights include R & M helping set the table for dinner... nailed it. :/

And we still have gymnastics and baseball in full swing.


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