Friday, September 5, 2014

Before Five in a Row: Ask Mr. Bear

This weekend we finished reading Charlotte's Web. At just the right point in the story, we woke up one morning to a back yard covered in HUGE spiderwebs. We took some pictures, but they don't do the sight justice! There were huge circular webs, and also long strings of web from the trees to the ground. We checked, though, and no woven words were anywhere to be found. :)

Reed and Daddy started Mr. Popper's Penguins Sunday evening.

We had a short week with Labor Day on Monday, and did a somewhat half-hearted row of Ask Mr. Bear. *Not only had my first trimester kicked in (shh!), but also Molly spent the week feeling off and on like this:

Nevertheless, Reed and Molly enjoyed the story. In Ask Mr. Bear a little boy named Danny is trying to find the perfect birthday present for his mother. Danny asks various animals who offer Danny their goods to gift to her, but eventually he asks Mr. Bear who suggests the perfect gift-- a bear hug.

On Tuesday after reading the story, we sang "Old MacDonald had a Farm." Several times. ;) We used animals from the story as well as other farm animals, recalling their sounds as we went. Afterward, we tried to remember what item each animal in the book offered to Danny without looking back at the pages. The kids did great with this! Then I taught Reed and Molly how to play Mother May I. This was a huge hit!

In the story, Danny and his animal friends skip, gallop, hop etc so we built on that and tried to learn how to skip and gallop! Later, we also did some fine motor with our animal lacing cards.

After reading on day two, we talked a little about birthdays. We sang "Happy Birthday," discussed our traditions, and we looked at pictures of the kids' past birthdays. Reed and Molly both practiced stating their birth dates and we did a quick review of other basic personal information. Reed did some story sequencing and counting/numbers while Molly did a little extra reading. :)

Last, we did some cutting practice (still a big thrill!) by cutting squares apart to play Bear Bingo.

On Thursday we read, played Mother May I (of course), and made whipped cream. :) Mother May I had an encore performance that evening at Dairy Queen with Grammy and Papa!

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