Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4 1/2

Happy 4 1/2, Reed!

We had a little impromptu candle-muffin-singing festivity at breakfast this morning.

I'm fairly certain you just turned four, but we'll go with it... Look how big and handsome you are!

You are growing so quickly, and changing every day. I wish I wrote down more things you say and ask and do, but here are a few of my favorite things about you at 4 1/2...

You are funny, and still love to make people laugh. And you really lay on the comedy act when you are supposed to be in trouble! ;)

One new development is that you've started to draw people lately. They have big eyes and ears, and big circles for bodies, and are usually sporting a pronounced belly button! :)

The other day you and Molly were huddled together looking out the window and I heard you tell her, "Ohhh, look at the cute chipmunks. A mommy and a baby one. ...I think it's a mommy... I can't tell if it has breastes." Ha! You and Molly have also been trying to "catch squirrels" in the back yard. I love what great buddies you are, even when you get in to mischief together (see contraband below). :)

You've been enjoying tee ball as well as watching football and playing football in the living room, working on your spin moves and such. :)

The other day you were riding in the back of the van with Grant and Mason, and you had requested to rock out loudly to some of the Tru Worship songs from Sanctuary Kids. A little while into the song you yelled for me to pause it. I did and you leaned over to G and M and exclaimed, "did you guys know that Jesus died on the cross for us and came back to life?!" May you always light up with the good news of Jesus, sweet Reed, and may it lead you to the cross!

I love your tender heart, your joy, your humor, your enthusiasm, your inquisitiveness, and your passion. It is such an honor, alongside your daddy, to get to nurture you and watch you grow into the special boy God created you to be.

We love you!

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