Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Fun List 2014

It's Fall, Y'all!

GA football!
apple picking
saturday soup night
apple cider
pumpkin patch
Athens visit
decorate pumpkins
s'mores in fire pit
pumpkin pancakes
leaf art
jump in leaves
nature walk/ scavenger hunt
make a fall dessert
family movie night
make bird feeders
Zoo & Botanical Gardens
first fire
fall keepsake craft

Ready, Set, Go!

(*Reed's additions: Play at Grammy's, go to Disney World, go to Indiana, go to Eli's house and Josh and Jordan's house, and swing on our swings) ;)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Before Five in a Row: Caps for Sale

This week we read a book called Caps For Sale. It's a cute story about a hat salesman and a tree full of monkeys, and we all enjoyed it...

On Monday we read the story together (a really fun read!), and just for kicks Reed and Molly collected all kinds of hats to stack on our heads like the peddler. :)

We did some tracing, and Reed matched letter sounds to some pictures from the story before we left for gymnastics and a lunch date.

Tuesday, we cut out caps, counted them onto a monkey, and copied the progression from the story.

We introduced some coins, practiced identifying them, and then purchased caps from one another for various amounts. Playing salesman was a hit and was the activity of choice with Daddy Tuesday evening.

Wednesday was Reed's half birthday!

After breakfast and chore charts and the morning board, we read and we talked about the saying "Monkey See, Monkey Do." We played some more with coins, and Reed did a little reinforcement sheet with some counting/ cents values.

On our last day of rowing Caps For Sale, we played with mustache stickers and trees to practice counting, and also some good fine motor for Molly. :)

We also played with some monkey cut outs; Molly's had shapes and Reed's had ABC's. First, Molly identified her shapes while Reed put his capital letters in order. Then they each (succesfully!) matched bananas to their monkeys-- Molly matched corresponding shapes and Reed matched all the lower case letters to the upper case letters. Yay!

Here are the kids' summaries:

What happened in the story?

Molly: Monkey take his caps!

Reed: There once was a peddler. He sold caps. And... um... He says, "You monkeys you! You give me back my caps!" He shakes his hand. He stamps his feet. And says, "You monkeys you! You give me back my caps!" He stamps both his feet and shakes both his hands. He threw his own cap. All the caps from every monkeys head came flying down. Then he stacks his own-- gray, brown, blue, and on the very top a bunch of red caps.

My favorite part of the book was...

Molly: you monkeys you!

Reed: when he got angry and said you monkeys you

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4 1/2

Happy 4 1/2, Reed!

We had a little impromptu candle-muffin-singing festivity at breakfast this morning.

I'm fairly certain you just turned four, but we'll go with it... Look how big and handsome you are!

You are growing so quickly, and changing every day. I wish I wrote down more things you say and ask and do, but here are a few of my favorite things about you at 4 1/2...

You are funny, and still love to make people laugh. And you really lay on the comedy act when you are supposed to be in trouble! ;)

One new development is that you've started to draw people lately. They have big eyes and ears, and big circles for bodies, and are usually sporting a pronounced belly button! :)

The other day you and Molly were huddled together looking out the window and I heard you tell her, "Ohhh, look at the cute chipmunks. A mommy and a baby one. ...I think it's a mommy... I can't tell if it has breastes." Ha! You and Molly have also been trying to "catch squirrels" in the back yard. I love what great buddies you are, even when you get in to mischief together (see contraband below). :)

You've been enjoying tee ball as well as watching football and playing football in the living room, working on your spin moves and such. :)

The other day you were riding in the back of the van with Grant and Mason, and you had requested to rock out loudly to some of the Tru Worship songs from Sanctuary Kids. A little while into the song you yelled for me to pause it. I did and you leaned over to G and M and exclaimed, "did you guys know that Jesus died on the cross for us and came back to life?!" May you always light up with the good news of Jesus, sweet Reed, and may it lead you to the cross!

I love your tender heart, your joy, your humor, your enthusiasm, your inquisitiveness, and your passion. It is such an honor, alongside your daddy, to get to nurture you and watch you grow into the special boy God created you to be.

We love you!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mommy School: Review Week

We took this week as a "review week," and an opportunity to add a few new things in to our fall.

1. Reed and Matt finished Mr. Popper's Penguins (which naturally called for a movie night), and I started reading our third read-aloud selection, Winnie the Pooh, to Reed on Monday. Reading chapter books has been such precious one-on-one time with Reed!

2. My sweet friend Sue gave me an A-Z animal reader, and we've started reading about an animal each day at lunch. Reed and Molly are loving this! They especially like to relay funny bits of information about the daily animal to Matt when he comes home. :)

3. We also started reading The Story of Me from our fall goals. The structure of the book kind of requires you to ad lib as you read, substituting he/she and your child's name. I originally said I would like to revisit the resource once a quarter, but after reading it seems more of a book to just pull out periodically. To me, the point is to celebrate the way God designed our bodies as male and female, and normalize proper names for anatomy as well as an age-appropriate understanding of "where I came from."

4. Papa and Grammy brought Reed and Molly tadpoles from their pond, and we have been feeding them and watching them grow!

Other highlights include R & M helping set the table for dinner... nailed it. :/

And we still have gymnastics and baseball in full swing.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Before Five in a Row: Ask Mr. Bear

This weekend we finished reading Charlotte's Web. At just the right point in the story, we woke up one morning to a back yard covered in HUGE spiderwebs. We took some pictures, but they don't do the sight justice! There were huge circular webs, and also long strings of web from the trees to the ground. We checked, though, and no woven words were anywhere to be found. :)

Reed and Daddy started Mr. Popper's Penguins Sunday evening.

We had a short week with Labor Day on Monday, and did a somewhat half-hearted row of Ask Mr. Bear. *Not only had my first trimester kicked in (shh!), but also Molly spent the week feeling off and on like this:

Nevertheless, Reed and Molly enjoyed the story. In Ask Mr. Bear a little boy named Danny is trying to find the perfect birthday present for his mother. Danny asks various animals who offer Danny their goods to gift to her, but eventually he asks Mr. Bear who suggests the perfect gift-- a bear hug.

On Tuesday after reading the story, we sang "Old MacDonald had a Farm." Several times. ;) We used animals from the story as well as other farm animals, recalling their sounds as we went. Afterward, we tried to remember what item each animal in the book offered to Danny without looking back at the pages. The kids did great with this! Then I taught Reed and Molly how to play Mother May I. This was a huge hit!

In the story, Danny and his animal friends skip, gallop, hop etc so we built on that and tried to learn how to skip and gallop! Later, we also did some fine motor with our animal lacing cards.

After reading on day two, we talked a little about birthdays. We sang "Happy Birthday," discussed our traditions, and we looked at pictures of the kids' past birthdays. Reed and Molly both practiced stating their birth dates and we did a quick review of other basic personal information. Reed did some story sequencing and counting/numbers while Molly did a little extra reading. :)

Last, we did some cutting practice (still a big thrill!) by cutting squares apart to play Bear Bingo.

On Thursday we read, played Mother May I (of course), and made whipped cream. :) Mother May I had an encore performance that evening at Dairy Queen with Grammy and Papa!