Saturday, August 23, 2014

Before FIve in a Row: Jesse Bear

The second book we rowed was Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

We've continued to start off the day with our chore charts and then morning board at breakfast, followed by our reading and activity, usually all before lunch.

On Monday we read the story for the first time, and did some tracing, a rhyming word activity, and sorting/counting with teddy grahams.

The second day we acted out the story as we read, and then followed Jesse Bear's day, getting dressed, playing outside, and we copied his lunch menu (no rice in the hair though!). We did some more cutting (always a hit), patterning, and a food sort. During Molly's nap, Reed did some extra cutting and counting, and we played memory with some images from the story.

On Wednesday morning, the kids had a sitter but we made bear masks in time to finish our morning board. After naps, we found the American flag patterns in the books, colored a flag, and talked a little bit about the USA and sang some patriotic songs. :) I'm always so amused when we dialogue about everyday concepts (like country) that are so new to little ones- fun! We try to revisit and review our address often and are still working on nailing it down.

On Thursday we just read our story, and then skipped town for a pool day in Newnan with our cousins! (And Reed and I started reading Charlotte's Web!)

On Friday after we read Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?, we played with our Melissa and Doug magnetic dress up sets, and talked about what we might wear to different places and in varying conditions.

Then we all headed for the mall to play and --surprise-- Reed and Molly each got to pick out a new outfit for their build-a-bear. Not so much educational as creating a special memory. :)

Reed and Molly each gave a summary of the book and cited their favorite part...

Reed's favorite part: ants in my pants... and rose in my toes
Reed's summary: he says ants in my pants sand on my arms bubbles to float and a boat celery crunch juice from a pear rice in my hair... carrots and peas... jesse bear my shirt of red pulled over my head, my pants that dance in the morning

Molly's favorite part: i think, ummm... pants that dance
Molly's summary: play in the sand

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