Friday, August 15, 2014

Before Five in a Row: Angus Lost

We completed our first full week of our new fall routine and of Before Five in a Row. Our first book was Angus Lost. The kids loved it!

Each morning, after our chore charts and breakfast and the morning board, we snuggled up on the couch and read the story. We crammed in all kinds of activities throughout the week for our first go! It still felt fun and relaxed. :)

Some things we did were simple, like tracing, helping Angus through a maze (I couldn't believe Reed got him out the first try), and some same and different puzzles. Molly colored up a storm.

On Tuesday, we discussed different types of dogs and looked up a pedigree chart. (Angus, a Scottish Terrier, gets outrun by a Collie in the book because he is built differently). Reed and Molly both got a kick out of the pictures of all of the different kinds of dogs. I thought it would be fun for them to identify familiar dogs, so we had some friends text of pictures of their canine pals. Reed identified Angus and the Collie pretty quickly, as well as Lisa's pug and "Pongo and Perdita" from 101 Dalmations. Some of the others were pretty tough, but we got close! We spread our ID-ing out through the week because it was intense work. :)

Mrs. Kristen sent us a picture of her Great Dane, Grace, and invited us over to eat dinner and dessert with the Larsons. Mrs. Kristen is so much fun, and the kids had a big time! Matt and I did too! :)

I found these awesome Monopoly gummies that have dogs that looks just like Angus, plus houses, and old-fashioned cars that match those in the story.

I decided we had to use them somehow! We put together our color puzzle and reviewed colors with Molly, then color sorted the gummies (and the milk bottles).

We pulled out the paint deck and talked about shades of colors too.

Last, we used the gummies for an experiment and to introduce the scientific process. I told R & M that scientists ask questions and make guesses. We asked what would happen to the gummy if we left it in water while we left for the evening.

On Thursday, we talked about Angus getting lost. We remembered that God is always with us and reviewed what to do if we ever get lost. (By the way, I love this: I read somewhere a couple of years ago to teach your young children that if they ever cannot find you, the they are to find a mommy with kids and tell her you're lost. That's a pretty good bet in pointing your kids toward a safe person to help!) We also practiced our personal information... We'll need to revisit that often, but we're getting there.

We did some cutting-- always a hit!

And Reed counted houses and worked with numbers 1-20, while Molly moved on to some light reading. :)

We made puppy chow together, and the kiddos wanted to eat it like doggies. :)

At the end of the week, Reed and Molly each summarized the story in their own words, and cited their favorite part. :)

Reed's favorite part: "the cave"
Reed's summary: "He starts chasing the dog, and he runs around the corner and then when Angus runs around the corner the dog is gone. ...the goat runs until he stops... He founds the car and then the car runs away.  And... he... finds a owl and then he runs runs to find his house but snow comes...came, and then he went in a cave.  Then he got out and then he followed the milk man... and then door to door until he finds his house."

Molly's favorite part: "owl"
Molly's summary: (looking through book) "Angus... snow... the goat stop... rattle clink clink!  it dark... this doggie's house... rattle clink clink rattle clink clink HONK..." (continues...) :)

*Many of the printed materials pictured can be found free at :)

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