Friday, May 9, 2014

Sunday: Sutures, Sebastian, and Singing

Little Molly got THE childhood scar last weekend... a split chin. :(

It all started on Sunday morning when Reed and Molly were playing in the bath...  Bubbles and splashing and wash cloth slinging, as usual.  It was a little after 10:00 and we didn't have long to finish getting ready and get out the door.  I was just about to get R & M out of the tub, but decided to run and put my curling iron back in my bathroom first.  Bad decision... I scurried back just in time to see Molly superman over the edge of the tub and hit her chin on the tile floor.  UGH!  I was so upset!  I scooped her up and got a clean cloth to put pressure on her chin.  She calmed down very quickly, while I tried to will the events to unhappen and the skin to close together.  No such luck.  While Reed and Molly played, I texted images with my friend Lauren who had just done the cut thing and with my nurse friend Laura.  There was no way around it; Molly was going to need stitches :(

I called Matt, who was able to meet me off of Barrett in between services and got Reed to his class at church, and Molly and I continued on to CHOA.  I have no idea what came over me, but for some crazy reason I was thinking we would be in and out of there in a jiffy... I was wrong.  There was a wait of one hundred bajillion hours.  (Or two.  But what is the difference, really).  After we got checked in, and after Molly charmed some staff, we went back for triage and got numbing cream on Molly's chin.

Another hour later... we had read books, colored, I plugged Molly's ears while the people next to us discussed the rocks their daughter had put in her ears, and like manna from heaven I found a package of goldfish in the bottom of the diaper bag... Finally, around 1:30, it was our turn.

We ended up with a great nurse and doctor, but this next part was the worst of the day.  Please note: Molly had been fine all morning since about thirty seconds after her fall, but the actual stitching process proved to be traumatic for our little princess (and her mommy).  They papoosed Molly on the operating table, and she hardly stopped crying from then on.  I wrapped her bunny in there with her, and I was allowed to have my hands on top of her body and talk to her.  I was holding back tears myself and trying to keep talking to Molly.  I could make out when she asked for her bunny and said "all done."  I whispered over and over again that Mommy was here, that it was okay, and I whispered her special verse (Zephaniah 3:17) into her ear several times...  They rinsed her chin a few times (which is why she looks so wet in the next picture, and she had four stitches total.

Traumatized. :(  At least she got a popsicle!  We were quickly discharged, and Molly was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot.  Meanwhile, we had a sitter lined up for the afternoon for Molly, because Matt and I had planned to take Reed to see Jenna and Mary in "The Little Mermaid" at the Theater on the Square.  Reed had been talking about it for months.  But there was no way I was leaving Molly after her sad day, so we decided that Matt and Reed would have boy time and I would take Molly home to rest.

As we drove home, Reed and Matt were finishing up at Burger King (much to my chagrin), so I pulled into the parking lot in time to hug them and wish them a fun afternoon at the play!  I think Reed enjoyed lunching like a king! :)

And Daddy and Reed enjoyed their theatrical experience too.  Here is Reed with Jenna (aka Sebastian) after the performance.

So last Sunday did not go according to plan, but it did end with a dear, sweet moment that I will forever treasure.  As I got ready to put Molly into bed that evening, I held her and rocked her and reflected on our day.  I thought about how heartbreaking it was to watch her feeling upset and afraid.  I thought about what I whispered in her ear, wondering if I even said the right things, if I was able to comfort her.  I thought about her verse.  I often say it to Molly, but always sort of speaking it over her.  I again started to speak Zephaniah 3:17 aloud.  "The Lord you God is..." Suddenly Molly's little voice joined in with mine and said "wif you."  My heart filled up with wonder and joy-- I had no idea she knew any of it!  I continued and Molly said several phrases with me... "migh-y to save... delight i-you... love... wif singing."  It was such a special and beautiful moment.  Oh how I pray that the truth of God's love for Molly and for Reed takes root deep in their hearts.  I pray that the words I speak into my children will always be life-giving words of truth, hope, love, and peace that point them to Jesus.

On Monday, we went to Target so Molly could pick out special bandaids.  She chose princess ones and ones with fun, girly patterns.  She would ask for a "new one" as often as possible!  Reed and I showed lots of support for the next couple of bandaid days. :)

I'll be happy if those are our only stitches ever!!!!

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