Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Days

Oh May days...

Matt and I kicked off the month of May at the Orange Conference for family ministry.  I loved the opportunity to lean in with Matt and his gang in ministry and learning. :)  (We're not sure why Santa was there!)

...This was made possible by Ms. Lauren who had Reed and Molly over for a giant slumber party and play date!

On the 3rd, we cheered at our first Braves game of the season-- the Sanctuary family Braves day!

We tailgated with our buddies (and celebrated Lizzy's birthday!), ate lots of game time snacks,  and cheered loud for the Bravos!

Molly got stitches! :(

We visited the Botanical Gardens with Papa & Grammy.

Reed mastered ALL of his letters and their sounds this month.  Like a boss!

We cheered on Brandon and the Hoyas at a lacrosse game.  Brandon was awesome; he won so many face-offs that the official stopped the game to make sure his stick was regulation!

We had lots of royal outdoor fun...

Matt and the Dream Team had their weekend retreat.  They leave right after Father's Day to serve in inner city Atlanta.

Ashley turned 30, and we celebrated 80's style :)

We celebrated Mother's Day! :)

We wrapped up Reed's soccer season.

We hugged lots of special graduates and partied at graduation celebrations!

Jack and Sam turned 3 and 1 at their monkey birthday party, and Reed was digging their pinata.  He has already put in a request for one for his "5 party" (...except only the birthday boy can hit his pinata.  Hmm.) ;)

Levie and the Lady Hoyas won the state soccer championship at KSU!  We had fun cheering them on!

Our Sanctuary life group celebrated the end of the year with a cookout, and we said good bye to two of our sweet families who are moving out of state. :(

Reed and Molly had a blast when college pals came to the cookout for our Sanctuary Youth alum.  We all tried our hand at slacklining!

We ended May in style, with a week at Garden City Beach with our Morgan family.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dragon Power! (Reed's First Soccer Season)

Today we had our last Red Dragons Soccer Game.

It was so fun(ny) watching Reed play his first "organized" sport!  We played with One Goal Sports.  Reed was pretty into it, but as a whole our sweet little team of 3 year olds faced their biggest challenge in keeping everyone on the field and not crying (during both practice and games!)

We practiced on Thursday evenings at 6:30 at Durham Middle School from March-May.  Below, Reed is ready for his very first soccer practice-- How cute is this guy!??

He seemed to enjoy learning to play soccer.  Some favorite parts of practice were playing sharks and minnows, playing Easter eggs, and playing bumble bee... (Bumble bee had nothing to do with soccer, by the way, it was a game Reed and Mason would make up when they got distracted!) :)

Reed and Mason really grew in their friendship throughout the season, and had a lot of fun together.  It was sweet to watch.

Matt and James enjoyed coaching together too.  And they were awesome!

The first game was on April 5th, and it was such a cold morning!  Grammy and Papa came to cheer on the Reedster, and of course his biggest fan, Molly, was on the sidelines (with her snacks)!

Reed (#5) had a great start to the season, scoring two goals in his first game!  He was fast and aggressive and had several breakaways.  He scored his second goal on his own throw-in. :)  We were so pumped to have a soccer star on our hands! ;)  Here are some riveting action shots...

He was really into his second game as well, and scored another goal.

Toward the end of the season, though, he seemed to lose some enthusiasm and fall into a "slump." ;)

Not even Papa's motivational stick drawings seemed to coax our sports star back out...

...But don't underestimate the power of the on site icee truck and bribery to salvage the season! ;)  "Dragon Power!"

All in all, Reed loved playing soccer!  He learned a lot-- dribbling, passing, throw ins, team spirit, and good sportsmanship.  Each practice ended with a spiritual lesson.  And, of course, Reed had the special experience of coach Daddy!

Molly enjoyed cheering for "Reedy," playing with Ava, and practicing her own soccer skills on the sidelines.

Reed's other cheerleaders for the season were Papa and Grammy, Ms. Debbie, the Bowmans, and Kristy, Adele, Lizzy, and Jess... and of course Mommy! :)

Reed had a lot of fun and learned a lot.  We're proud of him.  We ALL enjoyed our first season of soccer!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was sweet this year.

Not only did I get a ride to church from my handsome hubs... (Yes!!!!)

And pretty flowers...

And a (blurry?) lunch out to Okinawa...

But Reed being a little man-cub this year meant that I also got these cute little projects with sweet words that actually came from him!

This is my favorite! "My mom is as brave as... a Forest!"  Oh my, I love it!! :)

I love being a mom.  Demanding, but sweetest gig in the whole wide world.  I have experienced more of God's deep love for me through motherhood than through anything else in my life.  I'm so grateful for that.  Oh how He loves!

After the kids napped, we met up with my mom at Atlantic Station, unaware that there was a huge concert. ...But we weathered a few crowds and enjoyed dinner, playing on the escalators, and some ice cream.  I'm so grateful for my mom and for the wonderful Grammy she is to my babies!

On Monday, we had Mimi and Jonathan over for dinner and ice cream sandwiches.

 As part of Mother's Day gift we wanted to take Mimi and J to the Botanical Gardens, and we were able to schedule it for Friday.  Reed loved showing Jonathan and Mimi the "plant giants"! :)  Fun fun.