Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Molly!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Molly!

You are a delight!  You're sweet and snuggly and FULL of personality.  By the numbers, you are just over 31 inches, and you weigh 22.4 pounds-- Ms. Mary was pleased with your growth! :)  We're not surprised, though, because you're quite the little eater, calling out for a "snacky" several times a day.  You also love/need your sleep, often nodding off for some beauty rest in the car.  You usually sleep from 8:00 to 6:45, and nap from 1:00 to 2:30/3:00.

You have really seemed to "turn two" this last month; you have become such a big girl!  Your talking has taken off, with new words each day.  You like to tell stories using single words or short phrases, and as we fill in the pieces you nod and say "yeaaah."  Your favorite tale is usually retold on the stone steps by the driveway and goes: "Head." ("Molly fell and hit her head?") "Yeah... sad." (Molly was sad when she fell?) "Yeah... Daddy."  (Daddy came and picked you up and hugged you?)  Yeah... Mommy" (And then Mommy held you?)  "Better." (And now you're all better?)  "Yeah."  (And then it starts over every time you are on the stairs!) :)  We especially love when you say: "Oh man!" and "Bad Guy!" :)

Your smile and laugh are just precious.

You have a little sassy side that is hard not to laugh at.  You can cross your arms, stick out your lips, give stinky eyes, and say "no!" with the best of them (and sometimes even a "NEVER, mommy!" courtesy of Reed).  You also think "no, no" is the best game ever... until it's not, and then you have the saddest little cry face imaginable.  And of course, in your growing independence, there is a lot of "my do it!"  We love every part of who you are, Molly, and look forward to seeing you become even more the unique you God created you to be! :)

You love to play "stay on the mat" with Daddy, where you and Reed sneak off of the front rug when Dad is not looking and he chases you back.  You are very into taking care of your babies-- strolling them and changing their diapers... (I think you owe me two whole packs of wipes!)  You also love to read books, especially Big Fish, Little Fish and Goodnight Moon--you love to find the little mouse on each page.

You have no trouble keeping up with Reed, as you are pretty much fearless.  You will climb and slide down anything!  You are always amusing to onlookers at playgrounds and jumpy places, especially because you are small. :)  You are into everything, and love to make messes! :)

Unfortunately, this is pretty typical...

You show lots of love to both Mommy and Daddy, and of course to your "Reedy."  You are pretty much a little Reed copycat these days, for better or for worse. :)  You have a sweet attachment to Papa and Grammy.  Of course, you're always loving on bunny. Your little gal pals are Ava, Wynnie, Evie, Olivia, Saylor, and Brooklyn.

Molly, Molls, Molly Bette, Molly Boo... You're such a doll, and we can't get enough of you.  Today you are two, and we love you, love you, love you.  Happy Birthday, little darling!

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