Monday, March 31, 2014

Thirty-One Thousand Words

March was a sabbatical month for us.  It was a really special gift from our church to take time away to find renewal and soul rest--especially for Matt, but also as a couple and as a family.  Our hope was to rest, reconnect, and to come back refreshed and ready, and in a better place to serve and lead in ministry.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here is our month of march in thirty-one thousand words...

{Maybe thirty-three thousand-- I added a couple of extra ones} :)

March 1- "My heart"

March 2- "Back to the Beginning Again"

March 3- "At Sea"

March 4- "Soul Rest"

March 5-"Adventure"

March 6- "Courage"

March 7- "Discovery"

March 8- "Deep touches Deep"

March 9- "Tales"

March 10- "Eyes to See"

& "Beloved"

March 11- "Beautiful Things"

March 12- "Needed"

March 13- "Laughter"

March 14- "Worship"

March 15- "Spring Dusk"

March 16- "Preparations"

March 17- "Celebration"

March 18- "Freedom"

March 19- "PJs & Bracketology"

March 20- "I know"

& "First Day"

March 21- " great is His love..."

March 22- "Beach Bound/Resting Sound"

March 23- "Now Showing"

& "Thankful"

March 24- "Dolphins"

March 25- "Led"

March 26- "Hemmed In"

March 27- "Simple Truth"

March 28- "...and makes its circuit to the other..."

March 29- "Blue Skies"

March 30- "Winding Down"

March 31- "Wind at my Back Again"

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