Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Fun Recap

Today is the first day of September (oh, it's raining- what a surprise), and I am declaring the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

Technically, the first day of fall is on September 22nd.  I'd like to take a moment to talk about the unusual amount of time I spent throughout my childhood thinking about how the seasons should correspond more simply and precisely with the calendar months.  Does it not make perfect sense that summer is during the months of June, July and August, and that fall consists of September, October, and November.  Winter should be December, January, and February, plain and simple.  And that leaves March, April, and May as the spring months.  Just sayin.  That is what I am going to teach my kids!  Tilt of the earth's axis, schmaxis...

Anyway, if September's mere arrival is not enough to initiate fall, I'll add that the bulldogs took the field yesterday, and that pumpkin spice lattes have made their appearance at a Starbucks near you!

Let autumn commence!

But first, a little summer fun recap...

We kicked off the summer celebrating some special graduates... our Sanctuary Youth grads, and our very own Aunt Katie who earned her master's in social work!

And then we really turned it up and invaded Garden City beach with our Morgan family!

We crashed an awesome Waldron staycation.

We hit up our zoo-- with cousins, and again during a visit with Aunt Sandra.

Ate sublime donuts (duh).

...celebrated/welcomed three special babies.

I got to attend the Beth Moore conference with some sweet friends... for free!

We cheered on the Braves

I took Reed and Molly to Indiana to visit my grandparents.

We loved studying "Follow Me" this summer with our crew of awesome college kids.

Aunt Lauren and our Colorado cousins came to Georgia-- Between their visit and our Cali crew, this summer could have also been dubbed Cousinfest!

We also played at the Children's Museum, CatchAir, Sparkles "Tiny Tots," and the library.  And Reed rode the train at the mall for the first time ever. :)

Matt and I celebrated our Anniversary, and had a fun date in August with the Bowmans when we scored a rooftop table table at Trackside for the delayed Kennesaw fireworks.

GA Aquarium fun:

We had a busy summer with Sanctuary Youth, which included the Allatoona slide, Skyzone, tubing in Helen, and Senior Retreat.

Reed went to Papa and Grammy's four times this summer, and Molly even joined him once for her first spend-the-night!

Matt spent a week leading a mission trip to the Dream Center in downtown Atlanta... and the kids and I survived.

I turned 29 for the second time! ;)

Matt and I took Reed on a special outing to see Seussical the Musical, and loved spending the evening with our little man!

Our Cali family came to Georgia for a screening of Uncle Andrew's first full length documentary, After the End. (Which has officially released and is available on Amazon, Best Buy, and via streaming).

We celebrated lots of little birthdays this summer!

We took a quick road trip to Mississippi to visit Grannye.

Reed and cousin Cameron had a big brothers day out!  My sister Brianne and I took the boys to see Planes, while Grammy and Papa watched the little sisters.

We helped move Uncle Zach to our beloved Athens, and got to check in on some Sanctuary Youth Alumni.

And we wrapped up the summer by sneaking away to Florida for some sweet family time.

...Now, back to fall!
Go Dawgs!

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