Monday, July 22, 2013

Molly 15 Months

Molly turned 15 months old on Friday!  I know I repeat this often, but it is seriously hard to believe how quickly the time advances during these little years.  Molly is so sweet and fun, and it's a joy to watch both her and Reed learn and grow, but these precious moments are flying by.  How did this happen... where's the baby in this family picture?!?

By the Numbers:
Height- 28inches, Weight- 17lb, 10oz, Head- 18inches
6 teeth and 2 on the way

The Essentials:
Molly's favorite foods are fruit, cheese, crackers, and milk.  And ice cream.  She loves to eat.  She sleeps 10-11 hours at night, and 3 hours during the day.  I can't tell if she's dropping her morning nap or not.  We're currently on an as needed (Mommy or Molly) basis. ;)

Walking Status:
SO close, making noticeable progress each day.  I totally think she could do it but doesn't want to yet.  Instead, she is an expert cruiser and a speed racer crawler!  And sometimes she bear walks, especially when she is wearing a dress.  Oh, and she is getting very good at pushing around her dinosaur and Reed's grocery cart.

Molly has added several new words in the last few weeks.  So far she says dada, mama, bruh-er (brother), hi, all done, 'nana (banana), got it, bath, doggie, woof, 'nack (snack), no, yes, ball, eye, moo (is that a word?), and ni-ni (night night).  Molly is also a screecher!  She screeches really loudly to get our attention or to communicate what she wants.  It is so embarrassing!  I remember talking to my friend Lauren when her Jack screeched, and now she just laughs at me, knowing my pain.  BUT she's a true friend... she'll still go to La Parilla with me and endure the stares. ;)

Worst Moment of 12-15 months:
Molly took a really scary tumble down our basement stairs.  I seriously feel like God sent an angel to catch her at the bottom.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life as we ran toward the sound of her falling toward the concrete.  We watched her closely for several days for any signs of injury, and in the end her only souvenir was a bruise on her forehead that lasted for only a few days.  Thank you, Jesus!

Special Skills:
Molly waves, points, shakes her head no (emphatically), blows kisses, and signs "all done" and "please."  She likes to play "Where's Molly!" and can point to her hair, eye, and nose (or yours!)  She enjoys climbing in and out of the cozy coupe, repeatedly.  Still into bouncing and dancing and clapping.  And she loves to climb, especially slides.  Swift at pulling out hair bows and accessories of all kinds.  Continues to give great kisses; Daddy is teaching her hugs.

Molly is so funny to read with.  Seriously, I don't think we've ever made it through a whole book.  She has strong opinions about which page she prefers.  Her favorite of all time is the cow says moo page in Moo Baa Lalala.

Important new Developments:
Um, pigtails!

And ponytails.

Favorite Friends:
lovey bunny (aka bunnylove), thumbkin, and Reed.

Oh, Molly Boo, how we love you!  You are a sweet gift from heaven.  I adore holding you, playing with you, hearing you laugh, and watching you grow.  You are truly a bundle of joy.  Jesus loves you, Molly Bette Morgan.  Hold on to Jesus.

Tonight, I'm thinking of my sweet baby and these lyrics from our Sing Over Me CD...

Hold On To Jesus (Erin O'Donnell)

You're a little piece of heaven
You're a golden ray of light.
And I wish I could protect you
from the worries of this life.
But if there's one thing I could tell you
it's no matter what you do
hold to Jesus, He's holding onto you
The world will try to tell you
that might is more than right
and beauty's on the outside
and being good's a losing fight
But remember what I've told you
'cause the world will make you choose
Hold to Jesus, He's holding on to you
Hold on to Jesus, and cling to his love
rest deep in his mercy, whenever things get rough
and don't lose sight of his goodness
and don't ever doubt this truth, that when you hold on to
Jesus He's holding onto you.

Hear me dear Jesus,
rock this little one to sleep
keep her close when she's scared, and
give her grace when she is weak.
I know she'll stumble, but I know she'll make it through
if you hold on to her just like you said you'd do
Hold her jesus so she'll hold on tight to you...

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