Thursday, May 9, 2013

As Seen on Pinterest... (Semi) DIY Ruler Growth Chart

Yay!  I finally finished a Pinterest project!  A {semi DIY} Oversized Ruler Growth Chart...

You've likely seen these all over Pinterest.  Reed is growing like a weed, and I love the idea of having a growth chart that (a) is super cute and (b) can come with you wherever you move.  So I decided I wanted one.

I've seen options for buying finished rulers from DIYers, but I wasn't in the market for 50-60 bucks plus 40-50 more in shipping.  A couple of the rulers I saw said they were made with permanent marker, so, feeling confident in my sharpie prowess, I decided to give it a whirl.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for our version of the Oversized Ruler Growth Chart:

1. Ask husband to pick up a piece of wood at Home Depot.
{Pause for several months}
Matt got a board that is 6 feet long, about 9 inches across, and a little less than 1 inch deep.

2. Ask husband to stain the board.
{Pause for another month}
Matt brought home several options, and I picked out a dark cappuccino stain.

3. Decorate Board as ruler.
Husband says, "It's all ready for you to decorate, Dear."

{Pause for another month}

My plan, as I said, was to stencil the chart with sharpie, but at this point I was kind of doubting how it would turn out.  Also, I didn't have stencils.  I thought maybe I would use black paint instead.  Still didn't have stencils.  I thought about printing the numbers on card stock and then cutting them out to trace, but started questioning whether the sharpie would actually look okay on the finished product, especially if I used hand cut card stock stencils.

{More pausing}

Lo and behold, I log in to Pinterest one day and see this in my feed:


It had a $9.99 banner across the top corner that caught my eye, and the photo linked to an Etsy shop where the owner sells all the vinyl decals needed to make a growth chart ruler for $9.99!  That price seemed totally worth skipping the wonky cutting and tracing and sharpie wielding process... Heck, that might even be less than the stencils and paint would have cost me.  (Even with $4 shipping!)

{Note: This is the point at which my growth chart project becomes semi DIY}  :)

The vinyl pieces from Little Acorns shipped quickly, and arrived with detailed instructions.  Earlier this week, I set to work during nap time.

The application process took a little longer than I anticipated (but still worth it!), because the vinyl wasn't sticking to the board as easily as described.  (Not sure what I did incorrectly).  Nap time ended and two little "helpers" appeared.

I had to get the last few pieces on later that evening.

Little Acorns has several different styles of growth chart vinyl decals.  The ones I chose were actually supposed to be alternating sides, but I loved the the numbers (font) in this package, and I knew I could alter the tick marks as needed.

Totally recommend the semi DIY version! :)  Done.

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