Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zoo Crew

We took a family trip to the zoo for the first time this spring, and we had so much fun.  Here are Reed and Molly, ready to roll...

It was especially neat to bring Molly to the zoo a few days after she turned one, because she reminded me so much of our very first trip to the zoo for Reed's first birthday!  Look:
Molly, Age 1, 2013
Reed, Age 1, 2011

Love it!

Some of our favorite encounters on this visit...

Feeding the birdies, of course!

The rhino was out and about.  He usually likes to stay undercover.

The gorillas.

The goats.  (Ugh).  The petting zoo is my least favorite spot... Reed put the goat brush in his mouth at one point, and I thought I was going to pass out.  Matt saw it and pointed it out, and I literally ripped the goat brush out of his hand and said "we're going home."  I was totally serious, but Matt gave the 'get real' look, and I was able to employ deep breathing techniques. ;)  Glad God gave me my hubs to help me navigate my germophobia.

The flamingos.  Pretty in pink!

And, of course, Reed enjoys the animal statues as much as the real animals!

Love the zoo.

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