Monday, April 15, 2013

Pirates & Princesses Birthday Party

Reed and Molly had a Pirate & Princess Birthday Party this year!  It was SO much fun to plan and celebrate :)

My friend Heather gave me the party idea, and the first thing I did (obviously!) was start a Pinterest board and start pinning. ;)  There are a lot of Pirate and Princess ideas out there!  I also scoured the web to find some invite inspiration.  I almost gave up on making the invitations until I came across an awesome site with free clip art!  I made them in pages, and used basic shapes for the land and water and various clip art for the rest.  There wasn't any princess clip art on the site (whaaaat?), so I had to get creative!
Reed wouldn't let us deliver any of the invitations if they didn't have the "fluffy stuff" (tulle on the princess hat). :)

 The Birthday Pirate:

 The Birthday Princess:

We had the party at our house, mostly in the backyard.  And somehow (after this and this) we managed to get a beautiful day again!  Yes!

We were banking on the new swingset and yard toys for lots of entertainment.  I got excited every time we thought of a toy we already had that we could incorporate into the Pirate and Princess Theme! :)  (Disclaimer: I have way too much fun being corny around a party theme, so please bear with me...)

The swing set was our pirate ship, (of course), and the sea lads had a blimey good time!

We brought the mini trampoline outside and called it a castle dungeon!  The sign reads "one prisoner at a time," but as it turns out three-year-olds don't read well. ;)

And we set up a princess themed baby/toddler area with a pink blanket, a dragon (or dinosaur-whatever!), and our castle slide (Reed's first birthday gift from Papa and Grammy).  We also put a bunch of balls in Molly's large pink tub with a "Royal Ball" sign; you can sort of see it in the background.
Crazy Jack is on the slide, Lisa and Haven are helping Calder ride the dragon, and cousin Evie is playing with crown on the princess blanket. :)

I took Reed to pick out a pirate balloon and a princess balloon for the mailbox.

We set up our pirate-themed lunch inside, in the Reed/Pirate area.
Pictured: Some hungry buccaneers, a goofy pirate Papa, Reed's pirate buffet, and his pirate cupcakes!

We served Pirate Pizza, Cannonballs (purple grapes), Pirate Peg legs (pretzel sticks), Catch of the Day (goldfish crackers), Blasted Barnacles (popcorn), and Walk the Plank Cookies (wafers).

Love me some sentimentality... I had to include the "blasted barnacles" popcorn because it made me smile!  When Reed was 2, he started watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates, where Captain Hook often exclaims "Blasted Barnacles!"  One morning, I put him in timeout in the midst of some type of shenanigans and Reed crossed his arms and yelled out "blasted barnacles!"  Also, Reed was a huge fan of my rooster painting at the time of his first birthday party, so we gave Rooster a party hat.  It was only fitting that Rooster became a matey for this year's party. :)

Across from the Pirate food, we hung a few pictures of Reed over the years.  Melt me.

 Molly's Royal Princess area was in the dining room. :)

I borrowed the poms from my friend Jolynn, and used a few things from Molly's room to decorate.  Our Ashley made the Pirate and Princess cupcakes and Molly's smash cake... of course. :)  Our sweet neighbor, Ms. Marsha, made the fancy cheese straws, and there were purple star shaped puffs in the crystal jars on the table. :)

I decorated the entry way with pictures of both Reed and Molly.  Matt and I had to have a moment sorting through these the night before.  Our babies are growing up so quickly!

Pirates & Princesses dining:

After we played and ate lunch, we brought out the cupcakes and sang happy birthday.  We sang to Reed first, because his birthday was first and I figured that would give Molly more time to have her smash cake moment...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Reed!

Happy 1st Birthday, Molly!

After cupackes, we gave out small foam swords and unleashed the bubble machine for all of the kids to pop bubbles with their swords!  Total dud.  The machine produced about 1 bubble per 10 seconds... Not a good ratio to 20 pirates.  Luckily, Mr. Lee was an expert bubble wand wielder and the Pirates attacked!

And you know that quickly turned into pirate-to-pirate sword fighting!

Next we went through a series of Pirate Challenges...

Walking the plank

 Filling up the treasure chest with gold doubloons

And defeating the tick-tock croc that showed up at Reed and Molly's party!
After completing the challenges, the lads earned piratey tattoos!

Meanwhile, princess Molly was making her rounds...
(Molly with Mimi and Aunt Katie, with Ms. Christine, with Ms. Kaylee and with Mommy and with Grammy.  And Molly turned Pirate, feeding Papa goldfish!) :)

Molly had a few tiny princess friends at the party!  It is so funny that almost all of our buddies Reed's age are boys (except for his girlfriend), and this last wave of little siblings has been almost all girls!  Yay for princess friends!
(clockwise from top left: baby Evie, baby Mia, Wynnie & Molly trying to comfort Saylor, Molly thinking that maybe pinching Say will help...)

We had a great day celebrating our birthday babies!