Tuesday, April 23, 2013


My favorite quotable kid stories are always overheard.

Reed & Molly hanging out in Molly's crib has become a new "thing."  Ha!  Usually I take the opportunity to put away laundry in their rooms and pick up the upstairs... A couple of days ago during "crib time" I overheard Reed teling Molly, (in a high squeaky voice), "you're perfect just the way you are!"  I leaned around the corner in time to see that he was holding her face in his hands and witnessed him give her a few loud kisses on the cheek.  Ugh.  So cute.  Don't know where he gets his material, but so cute!  He always wants to play with Molly, but we've noticed that he has gotten a lot more confident around her-- as in he takes it upon himself to hold her or will even try to pick her up.  I'm thinking he might need to be limited to heavily supervised visitation. :)

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