Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Back and Life Lately

Long time no see.

Soooo, I took a little break from the blog.  Life got all crazy around here, and I needed to slow the heck down.  Before I fell off the bandwagon, I was already thinking a little bit about blogging and why I was blogging and whether I wanted to keep it up.  I do realize that my site has had an identity crisis.  Sometimes it is all about the pictures and kid updates and sometimes I think I am writing an ehow article.  Luckily, though, I am not one of those people with a fancy or famous blog that solves the world's problems or even makes money, so I don't really have to worry about it too much.  So I won't. :)  Really, I just like the outlet of blogging,  I like sharing ideas with my readers, and the process really does help me be inspired and more intentional in my "hats," true to my original intent.

A few weeks ago, I read this post by a sweet friend who was challenged to pick back up blogging and inspired to document and remember the everyday kinds of things.  She talks about getting her first blog-to-print book in the mail, and what really got me was when she said she laughed and cried reading through it and enjoying the stories, some she had already forgotten.  Reed and Molly are growing and changing so quickly and each precious stage is fleeting.  I'm going to try to jump back in to blogging too.  Please read along if you'd like!  (Hi, Mom).  And hold on to your hats! ;)

It has been almost six months since I've posted!  Reed turned three last month on St. Patrick's Day, and is an absolute mess. :)  He is stubborn and sweet and all kinds of smart.  And he's really, really funny.

Here is Reed at his and Molly's Pirate & Princess Birthday Party yesterday:

And below, he is showing me his "bumps" (grapes in his cheeks).  You can also see where he got his lip closed in the gate.  He diagnosed himself with "gate lip," and added it to his 'big book of boo-boos' (aka his Candyland board)... Doc McStuffins anyone??

One more (on his new dirt bike from Grammy & Papa):

Molly turns ONE on Friday.  Yes, you read that right.  Excuse me, I need a moment........
Molly is truly a bundle of joy.  She is little and snuggly and smiley and sweet... and is recently into

First up, a picture of Princess Molly at the party... she is digging in to her cake:

Here she is joyfully squishing a styrofoam cup:

And, for the grand finale, here is Molly trying to balance a block on her head:

I plan to do some "throwback" posts over the next few weeks to recap some of our last six months.  (I am going to backdate them so that the blog will still be in chronological order, but if you would like to catch up with us all of the posts from October '12 to this one (except for three) will be "throwbacks").  For now I will leave you with a quick life lately story about the adventures of Reed and Molly...

Every time Molly wakes up in the morning or from a nap, Reed likes to go "get her."  He tells me not to come in and that he will call for me if he needs help getting her out of the crib.  (Ha).  Of course, this exchange is just a formality and he calls for help every single time (after a few minutes of talking and laughing with Molly) because he knows that he is, in fact, unable to remove Molly from her crib.  Friday morning, Reed got up at 6:15 and I was particularly tired.  He came to snuggle in the bed and when we heard Molly on the monitor around 7:00, he went on his way.  A few minutes later, Reed called out that he needed help getting Molly out.  I smiled to myself at the usual announcement, and then I stalled.  I was having trouble willing myself to get out of bed and start the day.  After a minute or two, I heard Reed yell out, "Oh nevermind, Mom!  I don't need help!"  I HAVE NEVER JUMPED OUT OF BED SO QUICKLY IN MY LIFE!!  ...Thankfully, Reed didn't cancel his help request because he figured out a way to get Molly out of her crib.  He just came up with a new plan...

Love these two.  I watched them playing together in Molly's crib for a few more minutes, and then Reed told me Molly was ready to get out.  For real this time. :)


  1. Glad to see you back and blogging - I have missed reading your posts about the kiddos :)

  2. Don't think your blog goes unappreciated - I recently sent your post with tips about how to prepare your child for baby #2 to a friend of mine :) Hope y'all are doing well!

  3. I'll look forward to the back ones.

    Glad you're back and posting.