Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy 30th Birthday to Matt!

We started Matt's birthday celebration early.  We stopped by the office after Bible study on Wednesday and enjoyed a birthday serenade and a cupcake with Matt's coworkers.

Reed also dropped off some new loot for Matt's treat jar at work.  Reed was sure that Daddy needed some fruit snacks for his jar.  He is a pretty smart little guy. :)

Wednesday night at youth we surprised Matt with another celebration.

I couldn't believe he was actually surprised!

And slightly embarrassed... Ha!  Love this:

We collected birthday cards and notes from our youth family for Matt, who is a "words" person.  And also from friends, new and old.  I think he felt encouraged and loved by everyone's words of celebration- thanks!

On Thursday the kids and I snuck around to pick up Ms. Becky's Death-by-Chocolate cake (Matt's favorite!) and Sublime Donuts (also a favorite!).  (If you haven't ever been to Sublime, you are missing out!)

Friday, Matt's actual birthday, started with his men's CLC group.  We left his breakfast surprise on the counter, so he could take it with him to share!  (Matt leaves at 5:30... waaaay too early for a wake up call for us!) ;)
Luckily, Matt pulled out the "H" and the "B" and left them for Reed and me. ;)

After CLC, Matt went golfing and ate lunch with some friends, and then enjoyed a run at Kennesaw Mountain.  It was a beautiful day for a birthday, and I know he enjoyed the day off.  He came home late that afternoon and relaxed a little. :)

We soon got a call from our friends, and were able to step in and help in a medical emergency.  Just a couple of minutes after we picked up their boys and were caravaning home, Matt driving our van and me driving theirs, we witnessed a car accident one lane over from us at the stoplight.  Matt jumped out and called 911, and eventually I went ahead while he waited for the police.  (Everybody (in both emergencies) is okay, by the way).  We laughed at how out of the ordinary the evening turned out, but it is cool how the turn of events kind of represent who Matt is and what brings value to life in general-- servanthood and serving others.  Anyway, we ended up getting to enjoy pizza on the back deck with the Waldrons.  After the week of cupcakes and UGA cake (and with Becky's cake still up my sleeve), I was planning to switch it up and get ice cream or Rita's on friday, so we improvised with leftovers on a platter. :)

I don't think anyone minded. ;)

Later that evening, the kids gave Matt his gift-- a Braves shirt!

On Saturday, we surprised Matt with a birthday dinner with several of his (and our) closest friends.  Matt and I have been doing life together with these amazing couples since early in our marriage, and we're very blessed by their friendship.

The evening was a lot of fun!  We laughed a lot.  Matt even got to have sushi.  And Becky's cake was amazing, as always!  Thanks to everyone for celebrating my man!  Happy birthday, Matt!  You are a wonderful husband, leader, father, and friend.  I love you so much!

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