Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrating Molly

Molly turned ONE on Friday, April 19th!

It is hard to believe it has been a year since our beautiful baby girl joined our family.

She has been pure joy and sweetness and has stolen our hearts.

(Don't laugh.  So I wasn't very consistent with her photo project. (Second child.)) :)

At one, Molly is snuggly and petite.  She is 27.5 inches long and weighs 16 pounds, 9 ounces.  She is the proud owner of two teeth (bottom).  Molly still doesn't sleep well at night, but is scheduled like clockwork during the day.  She loves to play and is busy as a bee.  Molly is an expert and speedy crawler and works hard to get into just about everything!

She likes to bounce to music, or just whenever she feels especially happy.  Sometimes it looks like she is going to bounce right up to her feet and take off running. :)  She still prefers to be with mommy, but has started to play well in the nursery at church and is pretty attached to her caregivers.  Molly is also a great eater; some of her favorite foods are avocado, cheese (takes after Reed!), broccoli, and blueberries.  She can also tear up a Moe's quesadilla! :)  She likes to drop food off of her high chair try, then lean over the side to look at it and shake her head "no."  Molly says "dada," "mama," "hi," and "bruh-er" (brother).  Her special talents are pointing, clapping, waving, pinching faces, giving high fives, and if you ask her for "lovin" she will lay a big, open-mouthed kiss on your cheek. :)  She loves to smile, and has a great laugh.  Molly loves to snuggle her pink lovey bunny, and she loooooves her big brother Reed.


Reed and Molly's Pirate and Princess Party was a few days before her actual birthday, so we had extra time for some more fun...

On Thursday, we had a little lunch playdate at the park just for fun, and we got some pictures with a couple of Molly's baby gal pals, Olivia and Ava.


Uh-oh again...

Enter Calder on the scene. Close enough... And that's a wrap. ;)

Meanwhile, Reed and Haven gave the playground a run for its money! :)


We started the day of Molly's actual birthday with a pancake breakfast.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Molly, and she loved her blueberry pancakes.

Reed insisted that Molly would want to go to Chick-fil-a for lunch on her birthday... because Molly looooves to watch him play on the playground. :)  We humored him, and I think everyone had an enjoyable time.

We had Molly's birthday dinner with the Bowlers... including one of Molly's biggest fans, Audrey Grace.  The dining room was still decorated in pink and purple, so that was fun!

Audrey and Reed

Birthday diner

Singing to Molly

Make a wish


We love you, Molly Bette Morgan, and we thank God for you!  You are a precious, precious gift.

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