Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spooky Veggie Tray

We don't get too into Halloween around here, especially the freaky stuff, but I'm all about trick or treating in cute costumes and the chance to meet and greet your neighbors.  When it comes to festivities, I usually stick to pumpkins and all things fall.  This year, we even got the chance to talk Reed through a short and sweet version of the "pumpkin gospel" as he and Daddy carved their first pumpkin.

I would imagine as Reed gets older he will get a big kick out of bats and eyeballs and bugs and whatnot.  Keep the witch and goblin stuff away, and I can roll with gross and silly.  I saw this taco dip picture the other day and thought the spider web sour cream was super creative:

I was putting together a veggie tray for a youth event the day before Halloween, and thought I would to try to recreate the concept with sour cream ranch dip.

Probably should have gone thicker and more intricate, but I was crunched for time.  Nevertheless, a fun idea to bookmark away. :)