Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Recap

Ahh, Fall!

A family picture at Sanctuary on Sunday.  We decided to tag along with our friends the Ballentines to a pumpkin patch after church, and it was big fun!

October was a busy month!  (Is there such thing as a not busy month??)  But it was full of beautiful things...

Our newest niece Evelyn Paige Fader was born to my sweet little sister Brianne & my braves-loving bro-in-law Stephen on October 2nd.  Happy Birthday, Evie!

Evie is six months younger than Molly and her big brother Cameron is six months younger than Reed.

So that's fun!  You would think we would play together all of the time, but with our child-bearing pattern it seems like one of us is always big and pregnant or in the tiny baby stage, and we live an hour and a half apart. :(  Reed does play with Cam a lot when he visits Grammy and Papa.

Molly hung out with some other baby girlfriends in October too!  Our church nursery is full of little girls that will all be in the same grade with Molly.  I love that!  I had a few of the mommies and baby girls over one morning to have coffee and make hairbows and spend some time together.  We mostly just talked, but I think someone did make a bow. :)  Here is a picture with Molly and two of her gal pals:

Saylor (on the right) is 2 months older than Molly, and Olivia (on the left) is a little over 3 months younger than Molly.  Molly's other girlfriends are Wynnie, who is also 3 months younger than Molly, and Kelly's daughter Ava, who is just 5 weeks older than Molly!  (Remember A & M had a baby shower together?)  Girls, girls, girls!

Here is Molly practicing sitting up like Ava. :)

Brooklyn (3 1/2 months older than M) and Molly and Reed cheered on the Dawgs in October!

Speaking of gals, two amazing ladies at church hosted a legit tea party for our senior girls small group... it was some fancy fun!

We also potty trained Reed in October, which was a cake walk thanks to his having buddies a few months ahead of us.  And Reed got a new "Country Bears" guitar for being a such a big boy!

(And also because an unfortunate bare-bottomed incident led to the demise of his previous guitar).

I am pretty sure Reed enjoyed wearing his Mickey Mouse underwear! ;)

We had a special day dedicating our sweet Molly at church on October 19th.

We were a mess.  See Molly's shoe on the ground. :)  Here is a quick video of us sharing the verse we chose to read over Molly (Zephaniah 3:17):

Daddy and Reed had fun working together in the yard.

Matt started participating in a 2-year CLC group this fall, and has really enjoyed the time spent studying God's Word and growing together with other men.  He leads our family well, and I appreciate that he is always seeking to grow.

We cheered on the bulldogs at the Waldron's annual Pumpkin Palooza.  Go Dawgs!

We hit up the zoo a couple of times!  The kids and I went once with our buddies Max and Jack and mommy Lauren, and Matt and I took the kids once on "family friday."  Both times we got sublime donuts on the way.  Mmmmm.  (See bottom right picture).

In addition to our other costume adventures, we had a herd of zebras visit us to trick or treat. :)

What else?  Here are a few pictures from the cell phone archives...

Here is Molly enjoying some fall fashion and breaking in her boots during a stroll at The Avenue.

The ladies at lenscrafters had a ball fitting Reed with some frames (just for fun) while daddy picked out new glasses.  So cute!

And Reed got to touch a lobster when we met Papa and Grammy for lunch at Red Lobster.

Annnnd that's a wrap!

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