Friday, September 7, 2012

Nature (Play) Date

With fall just around the corner, I thought our nature activities from this week would be fun ideas to pass along!  (Romantic atmosphere optional). :)

First, we hit the outdoors to make nature bracelets.  (I first saw this idea here at IAMHMR).  All we did was make a little wrist cuff out of clear packaging tape, sticky side out.  Then Reed and Collins explored outside and collected anything they wanted to attach to their bracelets.  They really enjoyed it!  (This would also be fun at a park!)

Reed added a few extra steps of removing and re-adhering, but Collins left her pretty bracelet intact:

You could easily do the bracelet activity with an even younger toddler!  (Our kids are almost 2 1/2).  Later in the fall, I will probably try some more advanced scavenger hunts with Reed. :)

Before we went inside, I had each of the kiddos collect three green leaves.  We set up at the table and made the leaves appear magically with crayons (aka good old-fashioned leaf rubbings). :)  The actual coloring technique was a little tough for Reed and Collins, so mommies helped a good bit, but they both liked the result.

Last, we had "sticks and acorns" for a snack.  The sticks are pretzel sticks (obvs!), and the acorns are made out of nutter butter bites split in half, hershey's kisses, and extra peanut butter for glue.  You can use a broken piece of pretzel for an acorn stem if you really want to get crazy. :)
(Source: I saw a few variations of this on Pinterest.  You can also use mini nilla wafers for the top of the acorn, and either mini chocolate chips or a dab of icing for the stem).

Depending on your children's ages they may need help with part of the assembly, but their efforts, even in just unwrapping the kisses, are good fine motor practice. :)

Hope you enjoy!  Let me know if you have a nature day, or think of fun additional activities! :)

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