Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sleepy Parenting

Last night Matt and I both stayed up all. night. long. with 80 middle and high school students.  (Have I mentioned I chase around a 2 year old by day and wake up to a 2 month old by night?  What was I thinking?!?)  Today we've both slept a couple of hours and are now stumbling through the afternoon with our eyes fixed on an early bedtime.  Even in our weary state, however, we are trying to stick to our parenting guns...

Reed (loudly): Get my milk!
Me: Reed, how do you ask nicely for milk?
Reed: avast ahoy my milk!
Matt: wordlessly fetches milk
Reed (sweetly): Thank you

But it is difficult when you parent a humorous pirate.  Wash?

By the way, the lock-in was actually fun... Sparkles at 2 am:

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