Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Books and Beyond (Just Do It! Edition)

I've mentioned before (here and here) my desire/need to have a ready system for jotting down funny stories and memories.  Specifically, I once heard of a mommy who kept various colors of note cards handy (a specific color for each child) to jot down milestones and anecdotes.  I kept putting it off, but today I (finally) just did it!  Nothing fancy, but my "system" is ready to go:

Reed is totally in that stage where he says and does so many funny and sweet things that I want to be sure to remember.  And poor Molly doesn't have a baby book yet, so I figured I should have some accessible way to jot down dates and milestones for her until I can transfer them into an official book.  So, the purple index cards are for anything Molly, and the green cards are for all things Reed...

Molly's first purple note card has today's date, and that we broke her out of the swaddle.  (I know my dad is happy; he hates seeing Molly in her "straightjacket.")  Here's to hoping she does well, and finds a thumb or some fingers to soothe herself back to sleep!

Reed's first green card tells this story: I was putting Reed down for his nap today and asked if he wanted to talk to Jesus together.  Reed said, "Where is Jesus?"  I answered, "He is everywhere, Reed.  Jesus is God, and He is present everywhere all the time."  Reed, looking all around his room: "But I can't see Jesus, Mom."  I said, "We don't see Jesus with our eyes, but He is here because He is God."  I paused for a second, and patting my chest, added, "Jesus lives in my heart too; He lives inside of me."  Reed leaned forward eagerly, pulled on the neckline of my shirt, and yelled into it: "I love you, Jesus!"  I couldn't do anything but smile at him... and silently thank God for the sweet moments of raising young children.  I'm so constantly reminded of the huge task of shepherding the hearts of our children, and pray for wisdom to teach them Truth and point them toward God, even in these little moments.

I hope my make-do cards-and-pen-in-a-jar encourage you to just do it too, and get out a notebook or download an app to take notes as you make memories with your precious gifts from God! :)

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