Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time Flies when You're Going Crazy

Molly Bette is 6 weeks old!
Since a whole month and a half has already zoomed by since Molly's birthday and a good day is when my teeth get brushed before lunchtime, I won't pretend that I am going to "catch up" on blog posts.  Just a big 'ol run-on update...

Molly is precious.  I am amazed all over again how time flies during the newborn stage, that Molly changes so much with each passing day.  She is definitely a different baby than Reed (can I get a duh?).  It has taken me awhile to really feel like I "know" her, and her likes and dislikes.  She's a great nurser (she has 2 chins already), and a great sleeper (she usually goes 6-8 hours at night—and started at 6 days old- Thank you Laura Hunter and Moms on Call!).  She likes to be cuddled, but can be a real squirmer.  She has huge beautiful blue eyes.  Her "mad cry" sounds like a (large) squawking bird, and she can go from 0 to 60 in no time flat!  Fortunately, she doesn't really cry too much, and mostly just to tell us what she wants/needs.  My favorite of all is Molly's smile; she has a big open-mouthed grin that always seems to start in her eyes and spread until it lights up her whole face.  We are smitten with her, and are just trying to soak up every minute.

Reed is a really sweet big brother.  The first night at home was crazy.  By the time we made it to bedtime, Reed was exhausted (physically and emotionally, I'm sure) and in absolute meltdown, bawling "hoooold me, hoooold me!"  I was heartbroken (and hormonal) and bawling too (which I'm sure was reassuring to my 2 year old), but I just scooped him up and held him tight.  For the first several days he wanted to look at and hold Molly a lot, but also did a lot of testing out of his new place by asking to be played with or held by whomever had Molly... and then running away as soon as the necessary rearranging was done to oblige his request. :)  He loves to be a helper and get burp cloths, bring the boppy, or even use his big muscles to relocate the bouncy seat.  My favorite by far is when Reed talks to or about Molly.  He is so sweet, and really comes up with some funny things, like "hey there little cupcake" or announcing, "I'm not going to hit her on the head. That's not very nice."  Reed also helps as Molly learns new things; so far he has "taught" her to open her eyes, stick out her tongue, burp, lift up her head, and smile-- we are still in training for rolling over and babbling. Ha ha ;)  (PS- I want to follow up our big brother prep post with a recap of what worked well and what I would do differently, so look for that post sometime this week this year...)

You have to see Reed's impromptu Jesus Loves Me serenade from our first week home.  The video is from my phone, so the quality is terrible but the content is priceless!

And also from my phone archives... When feeding a newborn 8 times a day, there are some things you have to just let happen :)

All in all, we're doing well.  We have felt so loved on by people who have been feeding us (holy gourmet meals, batman!), checking in on us, and praying for us.  Thank you!  Matt has donned his SuperDad cape, going nonstop helping with anything and everything.  I am so thankful to be parenting alongside him.  Personally, I feel like this initial transition going from 1 to 2 kiddos (especially aside from the first couple of weeks) hasn't been too bad.  For one, I had really low expectations; a couple of my friends just didn't hold back in relating that time in their mommy life as the hardest ever.  The worst part was week two when Matt went back to work and Reed got sick... misery... but the upside was that those few horrible days made my new normal (2 kids, but 2 healthy kids) seem much more doable. :)  The most challenging part for me has been the emotional struggle of having another child but the same amount of me; there is no way around the fact that Reed gets less of me than he used to and Molly gets less of me than Reed did as an infant... and sometimes it makes me want to cry.  Matt and I are trying to embrace our lovable chaos as a season.  As one friend said, "This too shall pass... and all too quickly!"

And quickly is right.  Somehow it is June already!  We've spent lots (LOTS) of days at home, of course, but we've also had lots of visitors and time with family.  We've spent hours playing in the back yard or on the deck.  Some of our first outings include a cookout at the Bowman's, a haircut for Reed followed by the Sugar Snack Shack, and a backyard cookout with our Bible Study group.  Reed has been watching a bit more Mickey Mouse and Neverland Pirates than usual, and pretty much thinks he is a full-blown pirate rock star.  I survived Matt being away on an overnight mission trip retreat (we'll see how we fare when he leaves this month for 7 days- eek!).  This past weekend we decided to jump feet first back into the outside world and braved our first visit to church, a birthday party at the park, 4 graduation parties, and a Memorial Day Braves game.  Here are some stills from our contact-with-the-real-world highlight reel:

Here's to a summer that's sure to be a beautiful mess! :)


  1. Aw yay! I cant believe she's so big already, I love your little family! :-)

  2. Loved reading this! Thanks for being real and sharing how going from 1 to 2 really is, I will take notes for the future! Molly is so precious :)