Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Fun

We're looking forward to some summer fun!  Here are a few of our "goals" for the summer months... Some are big, and some are small and kind of everyday-ish, but this is the list we came up with:

Just a few weeks in, I'm happy to report we've already checked off a few summer stunts!

Made our first (and second) visit to our neighborhood pool:

...Broken in our fancy back deck inflatable pool:
We went to cheer on the Braves, not a small feat but lots of fun!
(please excuse my hat situation)
...and had some summer watermelon (twice so far):

We hosted our first cookout of the summer (this one for the Team of students Daddy is taking to Atlanta next week), and we hope to have our neighbors out this summer too!

Matt & I even went on a real date!

We've made a couple of trips to the Avenue for pennies-in-fountain fun and squandered a Cold Stone giftcard on cotton candy and oreo cream ice cream.  Our Cold Stone treats weren't technically cones, but (never fear) we also made it to Sarah Jean's on the square for their special summer flavors.

Not pictured: We had a picnic on the back deck, a Reed and Mommy outing (to the park and penny fountains!), and of course we've dabbled in sidewalk chalk and bubbles.  At this rate, I'm thinking we might have a better end of season report card this time around, even though our summer list is longer than our Fall list! :)

Oh, and nothing official for the last item of summer "fun" (mommy's not ready!), but Reed wanted to 'put his pee pee in the potty' the other day, and this happened. ;)

What summer fun are you looking forward to?  Any good ideas we should add to our list?

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