Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Countdown to Daddy

On Sunday, Matt arrived home from a week-long mission trip to The Atlanta Dream Center.  This team of students saw God work in life-changing ways, and I am thankful for each and every one of them.
What a crew!
In all honesty, I was kind of dreading the approach of the trip, knowing that it would mean flying solo for a week with our two kids, including an 8 week old baby with a round the clock schedule.  I was mostly thinking about what the week would mean for me, and it wasn't until a few days before Matt left that I started to think about how much Reed would miss Matt, and that it really hadn't been that long since we rocked his world with a new baby sister.

The morning before Matt left we made a countdown chain with Reed.  We did our best to explain that Matt was going on a special trip to tell people that Jesus loves them, and that he would be gone for a week.  We wrote ways to pray for the team on each link, along with names of the team members (this was fun for Reed because many of the students who went are Reed's special buddies!).  Each night we took a link off of the chain when we prayed for the team.  Reed wanted me to reattach them with tape, so that he could wear his "bracelets."  It turned out to be a special way for Reed to participate in the trip, and helped him to visually understand when Daddy's return was getting closer.

A link chain could be a fun way to countdown for any kind of trip, for one or both parents, or even an anticipated family trip!  My sister recently made one for her son to countdown to the arrival of his baby sister. :)

Reed missed Matt, of course, but all in all did great while Daddy was away!  I (barely) survived. ;)

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