Sunday, May 20, 2012

Molly 1 Month

Yesterday we celebrated Molly's 1 Month Day! :)

Hard to believe 4 1/2 weeks have already gone by.

Love our sweet baby girl.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Precious Moments

Happy Mother's Day!

Last year on Mother's Day, I wrote this post and shared some excerpts from You are Captivating: Celebrating a Mother's Heart (by Stasi Eldredge).  Here is one of my favorites:

"…so much of our lives as women is lived in secret, hidden from the eyes of the world and the accolades of others.  So much of it feels mundane… But God sees.  And He esteems most what is done away from the eyes of others.  He loves hidden, secret, small places.  He does his best work there—in the home, in the womb, and in the heart."

Mother's Day this year feels a little different; I'm not quite 3 1/2 weeks in to this new role as mother of two.  I've spent the morning mothering alone.  As I sit here typing, it is about 2:00 and I've finally gotten Reed and Molly both settled into a nap.  I'm taking in a few quiet moments, while I wait for Matt to get home from church (with our fancy takeout lunch from Johnny's).  Today's accomplishments so far include several feedings, diapering, laundry, soothing tear-stained faces, and bonus points for squeezing in a shower. :)  There hasn't been anything glamorous about my morning.  Today, Eldredge's words about the mundane and the hidden places ring a little bit truer and echo that much deeper than they did this time last year.  Indeed, I feel hidden away from the rest of the world on this rainy Mother's Day.  But as I sit here wearing sweat pants, a pony tail, no make-up, (and spit up), I am deeply content.  Maybe in the next few months I will be ready for a fancy meal out, or a pedicure or a massage, a day of pampering... But for today, even in weariness, I am embracing these secret, small places of motherhood.  I smile back on the "mundane" moments of my morning... Snuggling my sweet baby girl in the wee hours, watching her drift off to sleep as I swaddle her and gently place her back in her bed.  Reed at the breakfast table wearing a ski cap and chocolate donut icing smeared all over his face.  Leaving the breakfast dishes in the sink because he asked me to hold him in the rocking chair (yes, please).  Reed then leads me down to the basement to find some candy that he and daddy have hidden for me, and he is so proud!  Balancing a nursing Molly on my lap while tossing an imaginary baseball back and forth with Reed--he grins because he throws it "so high."  One day, and one day soon, my precious babies won't need me to feed them and hold them and wipe their hands.  Today I am content to be celebrating these fleeting moments of motherhood, in my home and in my heart.

Happy Mother's Day!