Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real Pictures!

A couple of months ago I was commenting to Matt that life had become much more busy, and we weren't taking as many pictures as we used to.  (In reality, there probably wasn't anywhere to go but down from averaging hundreds a week of newborn Reed-ha!)  Not only were we failing to capture some fun Reed moments and milestones, but I could also count on one hand the number of family pictures we've had in the last year.  Boo! :(  Then there was also the matter of my growing baby belly... With Reed, I had at least a picture every week.  This time, with Molly (who is a girl and might actually care), the artful masterpieces below were literally the extent of our maternity pictures:
My favorites are the action shot at the aquarium and the tee-ball catcher pose...

Ha!  So I took matters to more capable hands, and enlisted a dear friend to take a few more professional shots of Two-Year-old Reed, our Family March 2012, and maternity Molly... Reed was not very cooperative at all, but Nicole (http://sixthdayimages.wordpress.com/) is so, so great with him and still grabbed some good shots!

 Much better. :)

And as part of fulfilling my stay-on-top-of-things-pre-baby-dream, I also posted lots of action pictures from this spring here.

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