Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Molly's Nursery

Molly's room is pretty much ready!

Thought I would go ahead and post pictures in case she makes her appearance before I finish piddling around with last minute projects.  (I will take pics of Reed's big boy room progress tomorrow... going to assume we'll mark time in there for a little while).

So to go from Reed's room...
to Molly's room... a budget-friendly, workload-friendly manner, we:

- Kept the wall colors and used all of the same furniture pieces in nursery.  (We focused our new purchases forward-looking (big boy bed and toy shelf so far) in Reed's new room).
- Instead, we switched lots of accessories: curtains (Target- This was actually our biggest purchase(!), but they were a gift), crib sheets (Babiesrus), crib skirt (Walmart- I cut off 3 sides of the skirt since only the front shows and used the material), fabric bins (Target), changing pad cover (BRU).

- Added some homemade focal decor above the crib:

And tried to reuse some of the fabrics and/or bring in "sweet and girly" in other fun touches.  A few of my favorites...

The pillow...

The painting...

Window Hardware...

I also went spray paint happy and re-purposed some things we already had around the house when possible--the clock, the decorative hanging piece(with the tutu), mirror above changing table. :)

In the closet,

We added a short side shelf on the inside right to gain some hanging storage... because girls wear more dresses than boys. :)

I also kept the same bins from Reed's clothing system and printed purple labels to replace the light blue ones.  (I ended up buying new bigger bins for Reed's closet since his toddler clothing takes up more space than baby clothes).

 And, if time, these are a couple of things left to do (maybe)...

1- Add embellishment to the lamp... thinking a fabric flower and/or making a few fabric ruffles to wrap around the bottom of the shade.  The lamp shade and base (gold, painted white) are both from Walmart.

2- I want to hang a bow board above the peg rack (behind door) for all of Molly's hair accessories!  I tried repurposing a memo board we used to have in our guest room, but I really, really want to make a shabby chic looking chicken wire one!  We'll see...

It's not super fancy or designer, but we love it and it didn't bust our budget :)  For all practical purposes, Molly's nursery is all ready for its little princess!  Thanks for your help with Operation: Girl Nursery. :)


  1. Looks fantastic Dani! The purple looks great with that muted green. Can't wait to meet miss Molly:)