Saturday, April 7, 2012

Confession: Dream Life

Confession: Waiting for baby to arrive is secretly my dream lifestyle...  It's an excuse for constant clutter-free, stay-on-top of things living.

Baby's imminent arrival starts out as a good reason to take inventory of household projects and needs, and then as your due date approaches you have the just the right amount of sympathy and urgency to get your honey to complete his part of/in said projects and honey-dos.  And it isn't just big stuff, (even though if you're like me your initial nesting instinct leads you to believe you have super powers and can complete any project you've ever dreamt up for your home)...

"Baby could come tonight" is also great ammo to get your spouse to partner with you in all the little things here at the end.  I know I am a freak, but it makes my heart leap with glee when tasks get completed as they arise.  In Danielle's world, you don't bring in the mail and leave it on the counter for a week; it touches your hand only once because you open it right then, throw away what needs to be thrown away, pay what needs to be paid, and clip and sort the coupons you want to keep.  If a light bulb burns out or the toilet paper gets used up, you replace it right then.  If there is a full load of laundry, wash it before you have 2 loads pile up on you.  When there are hand-wash dishes at the sink after lunch, even if it is just one or two, I like to wash them right then and wipe the counters and the floor before I move on to my next nap-time tasks.  I can't stand it when I look around and can visibly see multiple things I need to get done, even if it is just a cheerio I missed on the floor.  (Do they make medicine for this?)

Now, do you think this also describes Matt's ideal lifestyle?  Oh no.  Oh, no no no.  Matt is a really hard worker and an incredible servant, but he doesn't have the sickness I have and it doesn't matter to him that the tasks get done right then and there.  (He loves me so much).  So, I am fully embracing this final stage of baby-waiting and convincing Matt that it is a wonderful reality to have things constantly clean and clutter-free. :)  I smile every night as I head to bed with everything picked up and clean.  I straighten my toothbrush just so, make sure I didn't take anything out of my hospital bag, and then close my eyes blissfully.  (Then I wake up in the middle of the night with pregnancy insomnia and think about what will be on tomorrow's list).

Take your time, Molly.  Mommy secretly loves this stage.  Oops, gotta go, I see a cheerio under the couch...


  1. haha how are we friends? we are so opposite :-) I LOVE you!!!!!

  2. I have a strain of that illness as well. It comes and goes with my moods though:)