Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Boy Room Update

Quick progress update on Reed's new room!  We told you about his big boy bed in early January, and then gave another quick check-in once Reed officially moved into his new pad.  With Molly's arrival around the corner and no sign of our next steps for project big boy room, this is probably as good as it gets for a little while. :)  I will show you what we've added, and where I hope we're headed...

We started out with no new room paint because, a, we weren't sure about color and, b, Reed bangs into the walls all the time with guitars and other toys.

So first we jumped right into setting up his top bunk as a railed twin bed.  I shared some bedding ideas with you way back when, but Reed still sleeps in his bed like it is a crib (upside down/backwards, etc and no covers!), so we're on hold for adding additional bed clothes. :)  ...Maybe we'll have time for this one or this one to clearance out after all!

The nine-cubby toy shelf is from Target, and the fabric bins (as well as the curtains) are stowaways from Reed's nursery (and also Target).  The plastic buckets are from dollar tree!  I'd really like to add labels to the toy storage, but some of the containers are still empty and I want to give everything a little time to settle into how we'll best use it.  Same goes for the toys and bins (from ikea) under Reed's bed, which right now house mostly cars to drive on his car mat (also ikea).

Above the cubby shelf is Reed's bulletin board, recycled from my college dorm(!)  Would love to paint it-- maybe a red frame... or even some thick diagonal stripes on the actual cork?  It is great to have a place to display his master works of "art" and little treasures, such as his birthday card from Publix. :)

Above the board is his name display, which I picked out and spaced out to cover big holes in the wall.  (I'm impatient (and/or distrusting) when it come to the promise of eventual painting). :)

Reed's books are oozing out of his red crate (on the floor to the right of shelf), but thanks to pinterest, Ikea has been out of stock for months on the spice racks that work great as book ledges... ha.
Oh well... maybe we'll build some DIYers.

I'd still like to paint both the nightstand and the dresser, but color and style undecided...
Instead of the alphabet collage wall I mentioned, I compromised the time and expense with using a 1 2 3. :)  I made Matt hang the ladder (that will eventually go with Reed's bunk beds) sort of like a shelf, thinking it's free, matches his bed, and when the top bunk replaces decor on the opposite wall we can just switch.  I know it is "floating" a bit, but I was trying to cover holes again... oops.  Haven't put much into the arrangement of the top of the dresser yet, because his diaper station/supplies will (hopefully!) soon be obsolete.

I also want to paint his bedside lamp.
Maybe silver base to match the furniture and curtain hardware and stencil something red on the shade?

Drawing a blank on the big empty wall above his bed.  Went looking for road signs, but only found smallish ones.  My newest idea is maybe a couple of signs (traffic light and stop sign) collaged in with some of his other favorite things, like a Braves sign and  picture of a basketball, maybe even an animal or two.  I'd have to collect the pieces and see if they can all tie together, I guess.

Last, but not least, you know I love closets!
Reed's closet has lots of storage for both clothes and toys!  The two big bins at the top operate on the same system we used for his baby clothes (old in the left, new in the right).  I really want to make some cute vinyl labels for all of his closet bins!!  And that unused vertical space makes my organizing heart hurt... maybe another peg rack for his many hats and bags?

So that is the Reed-monkey's current natural habitat, and where we stand on Project Big Boy Room!  Meanwhile, we'll be waiting around for sales and/or inspirational finds. :)

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