Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Birthday

We had so much fun celebrating Reed's 2nd Birthday, St. Patrick's Day style!

We started the day by getting him up in the morning for a special breakfast, complete with a candle topped cinnamon roll.

Reed loved his new basketball and the darts for "his" nerf gun (we had previously lost them all) that were waiting for him downstairs.

We got ready for the day, then packed up the party gear and headed to the park for Reed's birthday party.  I already mentioned how excited I was about Reed's St. Patrick party theme, so here is the official birthday bash run down...

I made Reed's invites in Pages again this year, using a stock image and playing around with text.

We hosted the party at a park pavilion, and not at home, as the final month of pregnancy is not conducive to such nonsense as house cleaning (why bother, really) or party set-up. :)  We chose Laurel Park in Marietta, which is one of our favorite parks.
(It is also- fun fact!- where Reed and some little friends spent the day of his actual birthday (a Thursday) last year!)

For decor, we hung some green streamers and shamrocks, and I did simple St. Patrick's table settings.  But you really can't beat the built-in festivity of the party people, especially the cute little people, milling around in green, green, green!  Love it :)

I also gave myself a break by not making all of the food this year.  (I did not regret this decision once on Saturday).  I did print little signs for the lunch spread (using same image as on invite), because I simply couldn't resist the cheesiness of fully embracing the party theme.

What does one eat at a St. Patrick's Day birthday lunch, you ask?

Wraps, especially rainbow PBJ & Fruit Roll-up ones, and chips...
(Huge shout-out to West Cobb Market Place Publix for being awesome- I asked them if they could garnish with green apples instead of red, and a green fruit roll-up instead of red... when we picked up they had obliged, and since they didn't have a green fruit roll-up they added their own St. Pat decor to the PBJ tray!)

Rainbow fruit and lucky charms...

And we served a couple of Reed's favorites, his "gold" if you will... cheese and marshmallows!

For beverages, we plopped waters and some green soda choices on ice, and mixed up some "shamrock punch" (thank you, pinterest).  (I combined Sierra Mist with lime sherbert and a bright green juice drink).  It was actually really good, but I had to opt for lots of water since I was swelling up like a marshmallow. :(

Before and after lunch, the park has the built-in entertainment of a playground...

And we did supplies for DIY cookies again.

Reed's favorite part of the park is the duck pond!  We set up a little basket of duck bread, and I used a cookie cutter to cut some pieces into shamrock shapes so that the ducks didn't feel left out the festivities.

I was originally thinking that kids would feed the ducks whenever, (the sign says, "Grab a grown-up and some shamrock bread and feed those lucky ducks"), but we ended up at the pond as a group after lunch.  This was much more fun, and made for cute pictures!  I have to say those ducks totally busted their spring break diets; I have never seen so much bread floating in one spot! HA

Of course, our Ashley made Reed's birthday cupcakes! :)  They were vanilla with green and white icing and green chocolate shamrock toppers.  They were SO yummy.  (See our other sweets by Ashley here and here, and let me know anytime if you'd like me to put you in touch!)

Reed had very much been looking forward to the "Happy Birthday to Reed" moment, and I don't think he was disappointed one bit. :)
(We sang with a candle at breakfast and here at his party, so later that evening when we let him eat another cupcake after dinner, we had to have a redo with a third candle after he sadly declared, "I wanted fire!")

We were so happy to have a beautiful morning for the outside party!  The weather forecast went back and forth all week, so I tried to have some ideas up my sleeve in case of rain- ie the cookie decorating.  I looked up Saint Patrick's Day crafts we could do under the cover of the pavilion.  I also thought about a gold and/or shamrock hunt that would culminate in a little blurb from Matt about Reed's birthday being on a special holiday... something like: we normally think of green and shamrocks and leprechauns but St Patrick was a real person who was very brave in sharing about God's love.  One of the craft ideas I found was around the shamrock, which according to tradition, St. Patrick used to teach about the trinity.  I decided that while some of the kids would totally get it, it would be way over Reed's head, even in very brief and kid-friendly form.  And, thankfully, the weather let me stop at playground, duckpond, and cookies. :)

We did buy Reed a book about St. Patrick, and used it as this year's guest book.

Reed had a great 2nd birthday.  We are so thankful for the many people in his life who surround him (and us!) with love.  It was especially fun that Reed's Texas cousins got to celebrate with him this year. :)  And I am really glad we made it before baby sister's arrival... for whatever reason it was really important to me to get to celebrate Reed's birthday, and I was worried at the possibility we'd be in the hospital on his big day! :)  Love our little 2-year-old shamrock!


  1. We celebrated many birthdays at Laural Park! What a fun day!

  2. I love the pictures. What memories --- and now -- MOLLY.

    Holy Cow, Batman, she's gonna have another baby.

    Looks like a great party.