Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun Nursery Updates

Getting so close on Molly's nursery!  I have a couple more things I want to do, but will probably post "as good as it gets" pics next week. :)  I am so excited today, though, about a couple of crafty additions!!  I want to show you two more fabric themed nursery touches...

Remember the sneak peek of the finished embroidery hoop wall?

One of the fabrics up there (the thick striped one above the M/O) is from the crib skirt (we have a "closed" crib, so I used a stitch popper to take off 3 sides of the dust ruffle for other uses!)

I have been planning to use the coordinating fabric to make a little throw pillow with Molly's monogram.  I know we already have her name on the wall, but since her initials are an especially meaningful part of her name, I wanted to also use them somewhere in the nursery.  My super crafty sister-in-law made us this anthropologie-esque throw pillow (which I love!) when she first started playing around with her sewing machine.

Using her design as inspiration, I finished a little monogram pillow for Molly!
I would claim it as my very first sewing project, but I actually enlisted my friend Heather to sew the seams closed because I just got my machine out of the box and was so afraid I would mess it up.  And for total disclosure, I contacted her last night when I was pregnant-crying and said I just wanted to finish my pillow and confessed that I am officially dumber than my sewing machine.  Yes, I realize it is just straight lines, but it took me a long time to cut and hand stitch the embroidery floss around the letters and I didn't want to ruin the whole thing. :)

Okay, also this week I needed to use my almost expired living social voucher to Corkscrews and Canvas.  (ie The most fun painting place around!!)  I hopped online to look at their calendar and see if mayyybe there was an option that would look cute in Molly's room.  Yes, yes there was!  I signed up for a unique collage and stamping piece that called for various patterns of paper or... wait for it... fabric!!  It was like it was meant to be.  I invited some friends, had a fun time painting and gluing, and I'm so happy with how the finished product fits in the nursery! Ta da! :)

Almost ready for Miss Molly! :)


  1. Where did you get your letters? I've been looking for some for my Emmalyn's nursery, and am REALLY picky with the font... Love yours!

  2. Meagan, they're either from Hobby Lobby, Joann's, or Michael's- Sorry, I tried several fonts so I don't remember for sure but it is definitely one of those. They are wooden and white. Good luck with the nursery! :)

  3. Thanks! I'll have to look for them! Did they come white? I would LOVE to not have to paint them :) also, any clue on about how big they are? 9"...12"...5"...? LOL hard to tell in the picture :)

    1. They did come white, but we felt like the shades varied and spray-painted them anyway. They're about 9" :)