Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day (w/ ideas and a recipe)

Happy Valentine's Day!

We're pretty low-key about Valentine's Day around here.

Matt and I sometimes go on a fan-cee date, but we almost always avoid going out on actual Valentine's Day.  Too much busy and crowdy.  (Crowdy?)

However, we DO celebrate food.  Er, we celebrate our love, expressed with food.  Whatever... we embrace a good commercialized holiday and the excuse to eat food prepared by someone else!

Our little love day tradition is to eat take-out on Feb 14, but we have yet to decide what we want for dinner tonight!  We're open to suggestions.

Also, Valentine's Day Dine-in MUST include dessert as well.  For some reason, all I can think of that sounds delish is Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, but we already made the brilliant mistake of trying to get CF cheesecake to go one V-Day (2007.  52 minutes later...)  Plus, Matt doesn't work near there anymore.  So, we're also (and most importantly) taking suggestions for dessert take-out around West Cobb.  Ready, go.  Mmm.

Aside from food, we always do Valentine's Day cards and candy (technically also food, I realize).

Matt is a words person, so cards are a must.  My card is a 99-center from Target (which if you know my husband, this says "I love you" in and of itself).  Reed's card, however, was handmade with love.  Found this cute idea on Pinterest, and we got to work.

(This card could work well for almost any occasion!  I especially liked that Reed (almost 2) could truly participate; he loved tearing the paper and trying his best to use his safety scissors from his Christmas stocking).

Reed also gave Matt some candy to fill up his Dad jar at work.  My card came with gummy bears.  (Matt is really into gummy bears).

Lastly, when I saw these Chocolate Andes Mints Cookies (<-click link for recipe) pop up on Pinterest, I knew they had Matt written all over them.  (Matt also loves Andes mints).

Reed and I set back to work yesterday making these cookies for Matt, and they did NOT disappoint.  A couple of notes: 1- Use a spoon to mix instead of an electric mixer  2- Our dough was incredibly sticky; the second batch turned out better, after I had refrigerated the bowl for about an hour.  3- We Valentine-i-fied our cookies by adding a red M&M and/or pink and red sprinkles.  You could use various decor options to adapt to a specific occasion.  Enjoy!

We were kind of excited about the cookies and hadn't hidden them yet when Matt got home (hence Reed's "apron"), so we went ahead and indulged yesterday.  (I think Matt must have liked the cookies, since he didn't even put down his work bag). :)
I hope Reed's "pieces" art or the yummy cookie recipe come in handy for you... or at least hope you learned not to waste your time trying to get Cheesecake Factory cheesecake to go tonight!

Happy Heart Day! :)

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