Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Name Game

Baby Girl Morgan has a name!

Inspired by a friend's recent post, I thought I would share about our children's names... :)

Reed Matthew Morgan
Reed is my mother's maiden name.  I never had the privilege of knowing either of my maternal grandparents.  I loved the idea of using a family name and honoring my mom, and Matt and I both really liked the name Reed.  Matthew is of course after Matt, who is a godly, hard-working man with a great heart.  I hope Reed grows up to be a lot like his Daddy!  Matthew means "gift of God."  We're ever thankful for the gift of Reed Matthew Morgan, and pray that He will always know how loved He is, not only by us but more importantly by the God of the universe.

It took Matt and I forever to officially decide on Reed's name.  We were pretty sure, but for whatever reason felt like we wanted to "meet" him first and make sure it fit. :)  It did.  This time around, I really wanted to choose earlier so that we could talk about Reed's baby sister by name well before her arrival.  A few weeks ago we decided we had landed on the name, and I'm already so glad we made the call.  For one, it has been really sweet to hear Reed call his sister by name.  Sometimes he will point at my (large) belly and say "That's my Molly!"  I love it!  Also, some sweet friends threw a semi-surprise shower (which I'll tell you about soon!), and were able to include some fun personalized details!

Molly Bette Morgan
The initials M.B.M. are after Matt's Dad, Marvin Bryan Morgan.  We hope to be able to share with Molly often about what an amazing man her "Pops" was.  After a few other "M" options, we fell in love with the first name Molly.  I think it is so sweet and simple, and has an old-fashioned flair to it.  Matt's grandfather POPSi always loved the name too, so it reminds us of him.  Molly's middle name, Bette ("bet"), is after Grannye (Betty Morgan), a godly and beautiful grandmother.  Bette, a variant of Elizabeth, means "consecrated to God" or "I am God's daughter."  Our prayer is that Molly Bette would know God as a loving Father, and grow to treasure Him with her whole heart and life.

The Reeds
Robert and Rosemary Reed

Mary Reed and Reed

Little Reed Matthew? :)
Baby Matt

Matthew and Pops (M.B.M.)
Matt and his Dad, Bryan, 2008

POPSi and Grannye Morgan
Richard and Betty Morgan, 2007

Little Molly??? :)
Danielle, 1986


  1. I love this name! You're right - it's sweet and simple. Just perfect!

  2. Love it!! Still think of you guys often and pray that the memories are making you smile more than cry these days.

  3. So sweet. Molly Bette is perfect. Love learning about names! And thanks for the link! :-)

  4. I'm already crazy for Molly -- and I adore Bette.

    Great photos. You were so darn cute.

    Cuter than Matt. Just sayin'.

  5. Ahhhh I love Molly Morgan! SO adorable. Can't wait to meet her!

  6. Aw how Sweet! I love that you shared why you chose it :)