Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Final Answer

I don't have anything really exciting to share with you, but my sister-in-law is demanding a blog post, preferably about baby girl, and there is a slight update to Operation Girl Nursery.

Last time I checked in, I had fallen for that really cute crib sheet at BRU and built a nursery idea from there.

Next step: I picked up several of the items to try together in the room.  The pieces were all super cute, and I decided that we had landed on the big picture for baby girl's room.  Truthfully, though, it wasn't so much that I loved it and everything was perfect, but more like it felt good enough and I didn't have time or energy to draw out the mission.  But something was off.  The colors just felt weird in the room, with the wall color and furniture.  I tried to ignore it, but even Matt said the walls seem to "glow" a weird pink.

So the other day, Reed took an especially long nap and, you know, I had run out of bon bons, so I decided to take the pink stuff down and just see how some of the lavender stuff looked.  I am so glad I did, you guys!  I really love it, and it just seems to fit with the room and furniture.  (More solid and less pattern than in the image below, but same color idea).

So Baby Girl's room will be green and lavender!  Done.  Yay!  Now, she just needs a name...

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  1. Cute choices! I'm so glad you found something that feels right for her room!