Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Big Boy Room

So far, here is what we're working with for Reed's new room:

We have a big boy bed, a long flat dresser (which I'd like to (make Matt) paint eventually), a cubby shelf for toys and bins, and the curtains from R's nursery.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for Reed's big boy room:

Saw this bedding on pinterest and loved it (especially the "R"!) :)  Then, I realized it was pottery barn kids.  Yeah, no.

 I also really like this quilt from Target, but it is still a bit steep at $70.  Perhaps it will go on sale??  I love the stitchy look of it, the corduroy, and the fact that it brings in some red (Go Dawgs!)

I think this ABC wall would be so fun over Reed's long dresser.  Could definitely end up being time consuming (to collect) and pricey (that's 26 letters up there, plus bling!).

We will definitely do some under bed storage.  (for Reed, though, not Jack). :)

Guess I haven't really gotten very far.  Got any good ideas?

Here are a few other pins just for kicks... for down the road... or never!

Reed's bed is actually a top bunk, and we'll set up the second part in a few years.  Wish it had a slide!  What... at least it's not this:

Roll away play table:

This is fun:

Lego wall:

Hopefully, next time I check in on Project big boy Room we'll have made some big time progress!


  1. Always a project, huh?

    Quilts are great coverings for kid's beds -- so home like and warm -- we had them growing up.

    I love the ABC wall. It would take forever to collect them.. I guess that could be part of the fun?