Monday, January 16, 2012

Operation: Girl Nursery

So, I am recruiting you for Operation: Girl Nursery.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help transform Reed's Nursery from this:

To this:

Okay, hopefully not that.  But you get the idea... we aren't planning to go crazy- furniture staying, wall color (I think?) staying... add girly curtains, bedding, decor, accessories...  Oh, and add baby girl, but I guess you can't help with that part.

So far, I have two kind of main ideas.  They aren't super creative or anything; in fact, I won't even say ideas--really, two different color schemes.

Exhibit A: Pinks and Greens

Exhibit B: Lavender and Green

(I told you: color schemes, not blow-your-mind-creative ideas) :)  Seriously though, any votes?  I kind of lean toward the purple/green because, I don't know if you can tell in the pictures, but the furniture has cooler undertones and just seems like it would pair well with lavender.

Also, I am running into a lot of dead ends ("out of stock" and/or not easily returnable) with even some of the products pictured above, which is so frustrating.  But I think my next step is to (consider your ideas and votes!) and then go get some of the products and just try them together and in the actual room.

Outside of the color scheme, these are a couple of other ideas that have pinspired me thus far in Operation: Girl Nursery...

Button art:

Fabric and hoops:

Yarn letters:


Opinions?  Any cool ideas you've seen out there??  I need your help!  Ready, GO!


  1. I kinda have a soft spot for pink and green, but the lavender would work well also! Maybe I will pinterest a little today for this 'mission'! Who are we kidding, 'maybe' - um what else would I be doing:)

    1. Ooh! Thanks Leslie! :) I thought of our conversations about Reed's nursery the other day as I am really loving the plaid for his big boy room! :)

  2. I vote lavender and green since you are keeping the furniture the same color. And I love the pond! I have pinned several
    Like that!

  3. Love lavender and green....and prefer the buttons or hoops but might want to stay away from poms. Won't they be dust magnets??

  4. Thanks for the votes! :) Working on trying some of the items "in person"

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