Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Reed is officially in his big boy bed!

We purchased bunk beds for his new room, and Matt and "Reed" set up the top bunk as a twin bed so he is all set with a built-in safety rail.
Daddy and Reed at work

We spent a couple of weeks talking up the new room and big boy bed, reading books together on the bed, and letting Reed show all of our visitors (and skype victims) his new pad.

I decided to take the plunge on December 31st (side note: not my best idea... fireworks anyone?).  I had wanted to transition Reed to his new room well before the baby's arrival so that he didn't feel like she kicked him out, but once I picked a day I started second-guessing and telling myself we had plenty of time.  Would you believe that during his afternoon nap, his very last time sleeping in his crib, Reed tried to climb out and fell!?  It was the loudest THUMP ever, and I knew immediately what had happened.  We rushed into Reed's room and once he calmed down, he kept saying "I tried it... I tried it..."  That was all the encouragement I needed to seal the deal.
12/31- Ringing in the New Year before big boy bed!
He was a little apprehensive the first night and it almost broke my heart, but he has been in the new room for a solid week now and is doing great.  At first, I thought we'd hit the jackpot; Reed wasn't getting out of the bed until I came to get him, even though he is very capable.  After two days, though, he figured it out.  I decided it really doesn't bother me if he gets out of of bed after his nap and plays a little in his room...

However, the next day he climbed out of his bed before he ever even fell asleep.  I saw his little head bob across the video monitor as he ran from one side of the room to the other.  He was quickly back up on his bed.  I debated going in there, but it didn't look like things were headed toward sleep.  I decided I would lay him down and gently but firmly tell him how things would go during nap time.  I opened the door and went over to his bed, and my heart melted... Reed had put his stuffed Mickey and Pluto in bed with himself and Mr. Monkey, and each friend (monkey, mickey, and pluto) had a book open in front of them.  It was so cute!  "Yook mom!  Friends reading books!" :)

I figure if that's the worst of our big boy bed woes then we'll be alright.  But I have a feeling Reed has big plans for his big boy room! :)

We are slowly getting Reed's new room put together and getting the nursery ready for baby sister... I will update you on our progress soon!

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