Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Stocking Buttons

Our 2011 Stocking Button Picks...

Recall that we started buttons in 2009 when Matt and I celebrated our last Christmas before adding to our family.  I gave both of us a heart-shaped button.

Last year, Matt, Reed, and I all got shamrock buttons representing Reed's entrance into the world and our lives (he is a St Patrick's Day baby).

This Year...

Me- I chose a hat button for myself this year for Hold on to Your Hats.  I thought it was fitting since I started the blog in early April, and because the blog is basically follows the day-to-day hats I've worn this year. :)

Reed- It was a toss up between the zoo and mickey mouse, but we're going with a zoo button.  As you might remember, we gave him a zoo pass for his birthday in March, and he has thoroughly enjoyed the zoo and its inhabitants throughout 2011. :)  Reed's Mimi even got him a Little People zoo and zoo book for Christmas :)

Matt- When Matt started his new role as family pastor at Sanctuary I thought that his button this year would definitely represent that big life change.  Most of you probably know, though, that Matt's Dad died unexpectedly this July.  Matt's Dad was a one of a kind friend, fan, and valued encourager and adviser in Matt's life who is hugely missed.  I picked out a cross button to represent both Matt's Dad's heavenly promotion and Matt's new role in ministry.

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