Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Technically, the first day of winter this year is on December 22, but in my book the completion of Thanksgiving marks our farewell to Fall.  Rotting pumpkins get kicked to the curb, and turkeys and autumn leaves are replaced by snowmen and candy canes...  Most importantly, post Thanksgiving is the official clearance for Christmas decorations and Christmas music!  (and NOT before) :)

So today I'm bidding farewell to Fall with one final look at our Fall Fun List.

As you can see, we left three items unchecked.  We didn't end up going on a scenic mountain drive, creating a keepsake craft, or making chili.  (Although we did have taco soup a couple of times, I wanted to find a really good more traditional chili recipe.  We still have winter!)  I'm pretty happy with 14 out of 17. :)

In the first check in, we had marked off decorating, cider, the "pumpkin patch" (notice black star for this one), pumpkin pancakes, hiking, GA football, and pumpkin spice lattes.  (I should have given football double stars since we're playing for the SEC Championship Saturday!)

Following that first post, we also checked off trick-or-treating and decorating a pumpkin.

Here's how the rest of the list went down:

Roast Marshmallows- We actually roasted marshmallows at the youth bonfire in October, but I forgot to check it off.  And we made s'mores again at Reed's first costume carnival, so I think despite the lack of pictorial records it's official.

Eat Lisa's pumpkin bread- I thought Lisa would never read my blog and take the hint, but at our Thanksgiving celebration she busted out these beauties: :)

First Fire- We didn't do anything meaningful like sing songs or share memories when we broke in our fireplace for the year, but it's been a-burnin'.  Actually, I am sitting next to a crackling fire as I type. :)

Family Photos- My awesome sister-in-law took a few pictures of Matt, Reed, and me on Thanksgiving Day.

And of course more of Reed.  Mmm, love that face.

Lastly, you may have noticed that despite the half-way first attempt, the leaves/piles item earned a full star rating.  That is because we had a re-do.  Matt must have felt bad after reading my blog check-in, because the next week he made Reed a big pile to play in.  I mean BIG.

Reed loved it!

And I think Matt did too. :)  Super Dad award!

And also I'd like to share this awesome picture.  Zoomed in for you. HA

Farewell Fall.  Hello, December!!

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  1. I love all of it.

    I want to eat that pumpkin bread.

    I used to love the leaves, but I LOATHED raking them. So, it was a tough call when I was young.

    On to Christmas. *claps*