Monday, December 5, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

From the time I first heard of the idea of a "gender reveal party," I've wanted to have one!  The basic concept is that you find out the gender of your baby in a fun way, together with friends and family.  Soo...

Last week, we had our ultrasound appointment.  We got to see our sweet little baby (moving around like crazy!), and the tech told us when to look away so we could keep the gender a secret.

We had the ultrasound technician write "boy" or "girl" in an envelope, then we passed the envelope on to our friends the Darcys, who knew how to take it from there...

On Saturday, we picked up a huge box from the Darcys, containing helium-filled balloons in either pink or blue--only they knew which.  It took all of my self-control to wait until party time to open it.  I was so excited to find out whether Reed was having a little brother or a little sister!

Our party plans changed and evolved a few times, but we ended up celebrating our gender reveal in combination with cheering on the Dawgs in the SEC championship game.  I had originally wanted to do a party theme around s'mores, (playing on HE and SHE in Hershey as I'd seen on pinterest), with a fire pit and s'mores and a hot chocolate and coffee bar.  Combine all of those with it being December, and we ended up with a gender party theme of Christmas-meets-pink-and-blue-meets-UGA-meets-s'mores... classy, right? :)

There are so many cute and fun ideas online and on pinterest, so I'll just share the way a few of them came together for our fun day.  If you are thinking of having a gender reveal, be sure to look around online!

I'm sure paper invitations hold endless possibilities of cuteness, but we went the simple route of an evite with my attempt at a DIY theme conversion (Football, check. Pink and Blue, check. HE SHE, sort of check. Christmas, let's not get toooo tacky.) :)

Don't judge; evite is limiting.  You can't see all of the text in this picture, but a couple of notes...  I looked up some wording options because I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that we were finding out along with our guests.  We also invited everyone to wear something pink or blue, based on their prediction.  You could totally play up the wear pink/blue more if you're not combining your party with a football game!  I also saw a couple of parties on pinterest where guests donned either a pink or blue lei upon arrival.  I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone in their "team colors," but it was too crazy.

We tried to have some fun tying everything together with decor...
Here is the table in our entry where guests were to hang a pink or blue candy on the tree to represent their guess.
(Note: I saw a really cute idea where you make a pink and blue cheat sheet to help people finalize their guesses.  You can chart the results of various gender-related pregnancy wives tales, hints like the ring test, how you are carrying, etc.  It was one of the many ideas I didn't get around to!)

The centerpiece on the food table: Christmas, UGA, Pink and Blue... :)

After the first quarter of the game, everyone converged in the back yard for the big reveal!  Reed led everyone in counting 1, 2, 3... and then we unwrapped our surprise:

I am not really sure what I expected the moment to be like, but it was so, so fun!  I got a little bit overwhelmed with emotion as we cheered for our new little addition along with family and friends.

Ashley had also made adorable, delicious cupcakes filled with pink icing that we passed around following the reveal.  Reed's grandmothers (who both guessed right!) are showing you one in the photo below. :) (Ashley does awesome cupcakes and cakes for events; let me know if you are interested in her making a cake for a birthday party or other celebration!)

We spent the rest of the evening having chaotic fun, as we had almost as many little kids in our home as adults!

Notice below that the "Hershey" theme didn't get completely ousted... I had already made a banner, so I tried to salvage the idea outside with the firepit, s'mores, and the hot chocolate/coffee bar. :)

We are so excited about our newest little blessing!  Can't wait for big brother Reed to introduce you to Baby Girl Morgan in April. :)

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  1. oh this is SO cute - I cannot believe we didn't get to be there . . . you guys are the cutest and I'm so excited for you to have a baby girl - you're going to love it! :-)