Thursday, December 15, 2011

Felt Tree Fun

I saw this felt Christmas tree on Pinterest...

...and I made one for Reed and his buddies!

 It was such an easy project and is perfect for Reed!  I pretty much just followed these instructions...

First I bought felt at the craft store, a yard of green felt (be sure to take a coupon to keep it super cheap!) and several 8.5X11 colored felt sheets (usually about 4/$1).

I wasn't sure whether to try to make it symmetrical or a little topsy turvy, but I just plunged right in, sketched out a tree with chalk, and cut it out.  I think it turned out kind of fun... at least you can tell it's a tree! :)

Next, I used various circular objects as stencils to cut out round ornaments.  I really wanted to jazz up the ornaments with ribbon and ric-rac or whatever, but I made this tree in a hurry to have it ready for the kids at our gender reveal party.  I may or may not get back to the decorating this year, but I'll definitely pull this tree out for the next several Christmas seasons!

I used thumbtacks to hang mine (which wasn't a big deal since it is in the basement), because the command adhesive strips wouldn't stick to the felt.

I am trying to think of a fun felt activity to have up in the basement for Reed & friends year-round, but need some ideas...
I bought extra green felt and made a "football field" (since our basement is UGA themed) with the intention of cutting out helmets and footballs, but the helmets look all wonky.
I also thought maybe just a background piece and various shapes and colors would be fun/educational.
And I love, love this felt faces idea from IAMHMR:

Any input or other felt activity ideas?  Thanks!
And happy felting! :)

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