Friday, November 18, 2011

Reed's First Haircut

Reed had his first haircut today!

It has been a long time coming, but whenever I would muster up the courage to trim his curls, someone would convince me not to.   Or each time it would look like this...
 ...I would decide to go, but then the next day it would look so sweet, like this:

Sigh.  Check out how long it was (and I took this picture almost 2 months ago!)
Finally, I just decided that we were ready and that we would make it a teeny tiny trim.  Reed’s breakfast ‘do this morning was good affirmation:
Ha.  So we talked about how Reed was going to get a little hair trim like the mouse in his book (If you Give a Mouse a Cookie).  We told him he could sit in an airplane and have a lollipop!  He said he was ready, and went on and on about the “pane” and the “pop.”  We packed up the camera and video camera (yes, we were totally those parents), and went on our way.

*Side note: Of course, we get in the van, I turn around, and Reed’s hair looks perfect:
But I swallowed back my doubts and pressed on. :)

I hope to trim Reed’s hair at home in the future, and I would imagine curly hair is pretty forgiving.  However, for his very first haircut I wanted to go all out, and to have fun pictures and special memories.  I am really pleased with our experience at the West Cobb Pigtails & Crewcuts.  Reed loved it and did great!  We were the only ones there, and the staff was very friendly and accommodating.  Reed dropped his lollipop twice, so he kept getting replacements, which happened to be different flavors.  About halfway through his third one, I guess he thought it was time to switch it up, so he held out his dumdum and said, “another one!”  Ha ha. :)

Reed’s First Haircut
It looks like the curls are gone in that last picture, but I promise they are not! (My parents (via skype) didn’t even believe us that we had cut any of it at all).  I don’t regret getting his hair trimmed; I think it will help rein in the crazy days and probably even help his hair curl better. But I will admit it is one of those kind of sad big boy moments.  So this walk down memory lane is for me!

In summary, I highly recommend Pigtails & Crewcuts.  And if you want to DIY haircuts at home, there are lots of good tutorials on the web.  Before Reed went curly on me, I bookmarked this favorite: video tutorial.  Hope you find it helpful.  Thanks for sharing in our first haircut! :)